October 19, 2010

i've been away for so long, i haven't really swooned over anything
lately ;) here's the latest top 10 on my swoon-worthy list!
what's on yours?

loving this Orla Kiely Radio

sweet polaroid coasters from justnoey

another perpetual calendar to add to my collection.

shopping at jcew factory makes me feel exclusive or something.
(it's online but only open weekends.)
screenshot image from here.

martha would have the prettiest carved pumpkins around.

rob makes woodgrain bikes, i'd definitely be the coolest
kid on the block if i had one of these :)
via happiness is... (she's got good stuff!)

i am swooning over photography
from 1963 in bubbles by Melvin Sokolsky.

love this instant collection of white from sushipotparts.
lots more instant collections at etsy

i want to enter a beautiful dreamy city like this
with a fabulous wardrobe like the clothes photographed here ;)

cutest alphabet poster from bunny c.

30 hello's:

  1. Welcome back, Danni! I love your collection. The coasters are stunning...I've seen local artists create similar coasters out of city landmarks and sell them in boutiques. So fun! Also thanks for the reminder about the J.Crew factory store, I keep forgetting to check it out on weekends! :)

  2. hi danni!! thanks for including the pumpkins from my flavors to follow: pumpkin post!! :D martha never fails, she is amazing haha! i am currently swooning over fingerless gloves, scarves and boots right now! oh and wire hangers with names on it, saw some on etsy hehe!! :D

  3. Aww those photo coasters would be awesome! Martha's pumpkins would be so styling and she'd make the best pumpkin desserts out of them too.

    I'd like to live in the last picture with my husband, great food, internet access, and a unlimited supply of clothing from Net-a-porter!

  4. Those polaroid coasters are great - love how they could be mementos of a trip or family pics and perfectly coordinate with the theme of a room.

  5. oh swoon swoon swoon Danni! Love the alphabet print, if I had a nursery i could get it no thoughts, and the pumpkins are way too cute!!

  6. Oh you've picked swoon-worthy picks alright! Those Martha pumpkins are delightful and that alphabet chart makes me want a nursery to decorate pronto.

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  7. so good to have you back, friend!

    loving those Polaroid coasters - and can i have that bike, pls?

  8. Welcome back! I can't wait to see the Honeymoon photos and I love everything here today. Have an awesome day!

  9. I too am swooning over that radio! It's on my to buy list for my sewing room once it's complete!

  10. Thanks for featuring 2 of my posts Danni! I'm so very flattered :) Can't wait to see your wedding pics! xo

  11. I am loving that radio too! But did you see its price-tag...Oh boy
    Those woodgrain bikes are fantastic!
    And those coasters are so cool!
    Have a great week :)

  12. What wonderful things to be swooning over!

    Except I did want to point out that the alphabet print is actually a rip off of The Black Apple's (Emily Martin) alphabet print from ages ago. Looking at the rest of her flickr account, she seems to be ripping off a lot of very talented and successful artists...

  13. I've always wanted to make those lace pumpkins but cannot find the tools to do so anywhere. Does anyone know?

  14. I love love love the Orla Kiely radio, MS pumkins!!! BTW- I drove out to Irvine this morning hoping to score some Oh Hello Friend items and to meet you, but once I arrived many of the booths were closed or gone :( Hope to get out there tomorrow again...it's a bit of a drive from the Inland Empire.

    Myisha :)

  15. Welcome back! Hope you had a magical honeymoon! Your swoons made me swoon...I wish my pumpkins would turn out like Martha's...maybe one day :)

  16. Love the radio, the bike and the pumpkins. Great post.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  17. Sushipotparts is so addictive. Thank you for introducing that shop!

    And the bunny c poster needs to find its way to my house.

    Loved this list!

  18. So sweet! Love the coasters and beautiful wood grain bike!

    I tried to carve similar pumpkins last year to simulate lace. It didn't turn out nearly as lovely and I didn't quite realize that the HAwaiian heat would disintegrate the pumpkins within a day. Whoops. Maybe I'll try again this year.

  19. awww... super cute!! love the alphabet poster!! :) totally have to get one!! :)

  20. hey married lady...
    all so very swoon-worthy...
    loved all the guest posts...but so good to have you back

  21. I love the coasters a lot, and the orla kiely radio is so nice

  22. I'm so glad you're back!! Hmmm, lately I've been swooning over fall foods, especially pies!! :)

  23. seriously, martha! prettiest pumpkins i've ever seen. and that alphabet poster is adorable. great post :)

  24. Yes yes yes to the alphabet! And the gorgeous radio!

  25. Okay, I absolutely love those Polaroid coasters! I have to get them...what a great idea!

  26. ugghh, martha would! those pumpkins are beautiful!

  27. danni :)

    i jumped on the calender... hope you weren't planning on buying it! and thank you so much for introducing me to Happiness Is... and Melvin Sokolsky... you've just added more richness to my life!!!

    love your blog and your taste - congrats on the marriage!


    justine (of FussyJussy)


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