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December 17, 2010

Hi everyone! It's Brittni from papernstitch, and I have something exciting to share with you all today... Just in time for Christmas (for those that are celebrating). This tutorial is actually a part of my free eBook of holiday diy projects (eight tutorials in all) called The Happy Holidays Guide to DIY, which you can pick up right here if you'd like.

But anyway, back to today's project. I am going to show you how to make this adorable NOEL letter block holiday decoration. Its a fun and easy project that you can get the kids involved with, if you’d like. You only need a few supplies and the finished product is oh-so-cute. Of course, you can create whatever saying you’d like here. This is really customizable for any phrase, name, or holiday.

Here’s what you need to make your own: 1. ABC wooden blocks 2. metallic sharpie paint pens 3. craft glue (optional)
Here’s how you make it: 1. Decide what message you would like to create with your wooden blocks. Grab each letter and put the blocks in the proper order, face up. 2. Shake your paint pen according to the directions and begin filling in the boarders and letters for each block. 3. Wait until blocks are completely dry and apply a second coast if necessary. 4. Finish them off by painting the other sides that are not yet painted in a solid color of your choosing. I used the same two colors (silver and copper) for all of my wooden blocks. 5. At this point, if you’d like to glue the blocks together to create one, solid piece, now is when you should break out the glue. Just a few dabs on the sides that will be touching should so the trick. No need to overdo it. Personally, I like to keep my blocks free, so I can re-arrange them whenever I’d like.

Gift Idea: An entire A-Z hand-painted block set would make for a wonderful gift for a child during the holidays. If the blocks are left unglued, kids can create their own messages.

About Brittni: She is the founder of the handmade exhibition site papernstitch, and is also the editor of a handmade blog, by the same name. When not working on papernstitch, she is dreaming up fun little tutorials and crafting projects for her home. If you love DIY as much as Brittni does, download a free copy of the Happy Holidays Guide to DIY eBook, packed with eight step by step tutorials for the season.

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  1. Did you make the horses or just buy them?

    I am following this site as part of my job for a Woman's Club. I will check out your site and this site.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Glitter Toes
    Glitzy Gals Club Online Specialist

  2. I LOVE THIS! So pretty and AMAZING!

  3. those blogs are gorgeous ... great colour combination. have a wonderful weekend. xx

  4. this is such a cute and simple idea - love it!


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