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December 22, 2010

Hello, hello! Its Brittni from papernstitch. And I am back with another original tutorial for you all this week.

Instead of the usual diy roundups, this week I'll be sharing a brand new, original tutorial I came up with for a feathered barette that has made its way into heavy rotation lately, when it comes to hair accessories.
Here's what you need to make your own: silver tone french barrette hair clips (you can pick these up at any craft store or on amazon; all purpose craft glue; feathers

Here's how you make it: 1. Apply a very thin bead of glue down the length of the top of the metal barrette clip. If you accidentally apply too much glue, use a q-tip to remove the excess. 2. Choose your sturdiest, thickest feather. And use that for your base feather. Apply the feather to the top of the barrette and use the pressure of your fingers to press the feather down until the glue holds on its own.

3. Wait for it to dry and then apply your second feather, working out from the center. 4. Repeat step four with additional feather until you've achieved your desired look. Pro tip: If any area looks a little sloppy once finished, apply one small feather with glue on top of the messy area to cover it up.

5. Wait for everything to dry completely. And you have yourself a brand new feathered barrette. Great for the gifting season as well. Here's what the finished product looks like...

About Brittni: She is the founder of the handmade exhibition site, papernstitch, and is also the editor of a handmade blog, by the same name. When not working on papernstitch, she is dreaming up fun little tutorials and crafting projects for her home. If you love DIY as much as Brittni does, download a free copy of the Happy Holidays Guide to DIY eBook, packed with eight step by step tutorials for the season.

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  1. That look so simple that I may even be able to do it!
    Lovely idea... feathers are so on trend right now..

  2. Great Idea and super easy!

    Glitter Toes
    Glitzy Gals Club

  3. My roommate used to make these, they make your hair look effortlessly fun!

  4. i love feathers so much, this is a beautiful tutorial! thanks!

  5. I'm smitten! I really want to try this!

  6. I was going to use my growing feather collection only as props for drawing/painting, but this looks like the perfect way to put them to good use rather than hiding them all away in a box! Thanks Brittni :)

  7. Thank you all for the compliments. So glad you enjoyed my tutorial. Happy holidays!


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