Vintage Christmas:

December 7, 2010

So next year, I am totally going to decorate my entire house with vintage Christmas decor :) I just love it! What do you think? Here are some fun vintage Christmas items:

Vintage Winter Vignette from ethanollie

vintage CRANBERRY red secretary dress from REiNViNTAGE

Christmas unused postage from VerdeStudio

Vintage Christmas Inspired BINGO Markers from saturdayAMvintage

Vintage Box of Shiny Brite Christmas Ornaments, Set of 12 from bythewayside

Vintage Sleigh from FrenchByDesign & Vintage Christmas greeting card Santa from agafrog

Vintage Christmas from i art u

Vintage Wood Type HO HO HO from MonkiVintage

Gleeful tree from dottie angel

Patina Perfect Set 6 Large Antique Vintage Glass Ornaments frombirdie1

industrial metal cabinet from sadie olive

vintage mercury glass ball picks from 5gardenias

18 hello's:

  1. I want a vintage Christmas too! :) These items are so lovely! Maybe next year for me too, when I'm actually at home :)

  2. Vintage Christmas is so cool :)
    You have to start collecting from now :)

  3. love those vintage stamps and all of the detail from dottie angel.

  4. the ho ho ho is really cute! and i have some of the glass balls but in red and green in my wreath this year :) how fun!

  5. I love Christmas and this post only inspired me to do some more DIY vintage style projects for the holidays. Thank you for sharing your lovely posts!

  6. next year?!! do it this year! you know lin and i are so coming over soon!!! ;)

  7. Like like, but indeed: why wait? You still have 3 weeks to decorate!

  8. Love!!! I adore those Christmas stamps!

  9. Yep.. the only way to go in my humble opinion! love when Christmas decorations have a story to tell!!

  10. I adore this post - a vintage christmas is all I want!!


  11. I love the little box. It would be so cute on my desk. Sadly it's sold. I'm too slow. ;)

  12. Absolutely love all things vintage! So beautiful!

  13. great idea! i love the little tree in that first picture, the bingo tiles and the "HO HO HO" and Santa! vintage christmas is great! hard for me to decide between that and sparkly-girlie christmas ha!

  14. cute!!! i LOVE the idea of a vintage christmas!! you'll have to take pics!!!

  15. vintage christmas. such perfection! i can't wait to see your vintage christmas danni! thanks for linking!!!!

  16. Wow such unbelievably cute Christmas things!! I wish I could have them all! Love that cabinet too!!

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