The Handsome - Stephen from Somethings Hiding in Here:

April 21, 2011

So excited for this interview today! If you haven't heard of Shauna & Stephen from Somethings Hiding in Here, you have to head to their site right now! I think they pioneered the mustache on a stick phenomenon and they're constantly coming up with new & innovative ideas. I'm always inspired by the products they create. They're my dream couple: they get to be creative all day long and work together - does it really get any better than that? Oh, and they've been in Martha Stewart, I'm sure that's another dream for some of us too ;) Hope you enjoy this interview friends!

photo credit: nikon d60 wireless shutter release

Please tell us a little about you and what you do: Hello, I'm Stephen, the "engineer" behind Something’s Hiding In Here. Shauna's the idea machine, but I figure out how to realize the things we want make. I spent six years studying sculpture in art school and I've always loved problem solving and making things. I think it all started in grade school when i took apart an electric blanket to see how it worked (I may or may not have caused a small fire).

How did you & your wife meet? At a kissing booth... true story. Almost sixteen years ago, Shauna paid me 50 cents for a kiss at an art school party. I've had her hooked ever since.

You guys are always coming up with such innovative things. Where do you gather inspiration from: Like everyone, our inspiration is a mix of people, places and things. Shauna and I went to grad school at Cranbrook. It has a rich history of mid century "form follows function" design philosophy, and I think that had a lot of influence on both of us. I've always felt a connection to vintage Americana from my 66 Chevy pickup truck, vintage Pfaff sewing machine and old wood working tools, to my typical uniform of Red Wing oxfords and paid shirts. I think our Forage Bow Ties are a good example of these influences.

How many hours a day do you/your wife spend blogging? Shauna is the main driver of our social media front. I would lump many outlets into the idea of blogging since technology allows us to be so multifaceted these days (blog, flickr, tumblr, twitter, guest features, etc.). I would say we're probably at it about 3-6 hours a day. ps. This is the perfect opportunity to plug my new twitter account @FORAGEbowties. Hit me up on the twitters!

You've been featured all over the place! What's been your favorite/most unique experience so far: Hands down, our Martha Stewart Living feature, in the February '11 issue. We drove to NYC from Philadelphia with a car full of rusty tin dollhouses and a mason jar containing my wood knot collection. I was most excited to meet Fritz Karch, the collections editor (his beard and plaid suits are legendary). Before we knew it, we were in a vacuous, all white photo studio. While admiring the movable sets for the photo shoot, I looked up to see Shauna shaking hands with Martha. EPIC! To cap off the experience, we were given a tour of the “props room” which is indescribable. I’ll never forget that day.

I think lots of couples would ideally love to work with their spouse, I know I would. How is it getting to work with your wife 24/7? Do you guys always get along and see eye to eye? I'm crazy about Shauna, but we definitely duke it out while working on projects together. We approach everything from different angles, which leads us to unexpected solutions. A recent example: while attempting to print a simple poster, we spent ten hours debating what it should look like. Before we knew it, we made a rad letterpress, canvas banner that has inspired new product for us. In the end our common ground lies in our obsession over the details. Everything we make is truly a collaboration - I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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  1. Oh I so love them and their wonderful inspirational blog! This interview was really fun! Rad!!

  2. WOW! That sounds awesome! Sometimes I wish I could work with my hubby, other times I'm thankful I have my "me-time". Great interview! Off to check out their stuff....

  3. They are amazing! Wow! Getting to be recognized by Martha Stewart is just incredible. What an amazing couple.

  4. I love them! I want to be like them one day. If only I could get my fiance on the sewing machine... ;) Great interview!

  5. aww... i'm a lucky lady, that's MY handsome fella.

  6. Great interview! Thanks for linking their blog...I'm off to go browse around :)

  7. so wonderful to get to look into a blogger's life through their lova lova's eyes. even more endearing that they work together & create such amazing things in the process. thanks for sharing :)

  8. I'm new here (apparently I've been living under a rock or something!) and I just LOVE this series. The poor guys never get enough credit. The amount of support and love and help my boyfriend gives me when it comes to my blog is incredible. These boys deserve their moment to shine too!

  9. Love seeing people quit their daily jobs to persue something they're passionate about!!! That takes guts! I love it.

  10. Oh this is just adorable! I love them. It's great to hear how much they adore each other. So heart warming!

  11. I love them! They are just the cutest & I can't believe they met at a kissing botth. That makes them all the sweeter! I remember flipping through my Martha Stewart mag & seeing them! I was so happy for them!

  12. They seem like such a fun couple!! Thanks for sharing this interview! :)

  13. _♥♥_♥♥

    Uma feliz Páscoa para vc e td a tua familia,beijokas....

  14. the handsome is always so much fun to read!
    love the kissing booth story... classic romance :)
    and meeting with martha stewart...
    how awesome is that!

  15. Great Interview - i think this is what's called living the dream :-)

  16. Ughhhhh I am so in love with them!!! This was an awesome interview. I love hearing a little more about such inspiring, creative people! xoxo

  17. 1) I'm a huge fan of Somethings Hiding in Here's bow ties and was deeply wishing we owned one when we were graciously asked to model in a vintage travel shoot yesterday. We settled on a friend's white and red stripe bow tie but let's be honest, Shauna and Stephen's bow ties are a piece of art!
    2) What an incredible interview. I could not be more impressed with Stephen's eloquence, and knowledge moreover his artistic ability and love for his wife. The more I read the more I thought, I would LOVE to be friends with this couple (or even just in the vicinity to absorb some of their creative juices)
    3) Talk about a creative power house. They have an amazing art backgrounds and their different perspectives only refine their work. I love how you offered some different questions in this interview Danni to contour to the couple's business and background. Great interview!


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