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May 13, 2011

I was looking through picture archives and found this photo. I really have a thing for cutouts & scallops. (shoes from here, straws, cake stand & placemats: thrifted) oh, and mustard! ahh!

Whoa, what was with blogger yesterday? It was down all day.. my post from yesterday is gone too. Wonder if it will ever return. So weird to think our content is lost somewhere out there in cyberspace!

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind and encouraging words from my Monday post. You made me feel 100% better and helped me move on and not dwell on the situation - which I probably would have done had it not been for all of you who were so sweet to comment, facebook message, email, or text me. I am truly blessed with such supportive friends. thank you!

What are you up to this weekend? Anything exciting? I'm selling at Patchwork Long Beach this Sunday. I love shows but I cannot wait till June where we have nothing (except for our birthdays) on the schedule. Will someone relax and enjoy this weekend for me? I'll be on the go ;) Hope you have an amazing weekend dear friends! xo.

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  1. Ahh yes, don't worry I'll relax on your behalf this weekend! I wish I lived closer to attend all these craft shows. Have a great weekend!

  2. Another weekend event? You're always seriously on-the-go. A few weeks ago, I saw some girl on the bus with the cutest cutout flats. I've been searching for them ever since.

    Try to find some time to relax this weekend. I'd let you borrow some of mine if I could!

  3. Check your listing of posts...my post from yesterday was saved as a draft! I was able to publish it again, but the comments were lost. :(

    Cute shoes!

  4. That's a bummer about blogger! I hope you'll be able to recover that post. It's weird to think about how much we rely on something that isn't exactly tangible (like a blog post) but I'm glad you shared this gorgeous photo with us of your adorable shoes. Of course they're mustard! Love it. So glad you're feeling better Danni and even more thankful that you exemplify a good level of vulnerability on the blog. I'm such a fan of who the Lord has made you!

  5. my post from yesterday in in lala land as well, gone forever? Hopefully not.

    Shoes are super CUTE!!!

  6. my post is gone too... so weird. so so weird.

  7. I have a blog on blogger (not for my biz but a personal one for friends) and I scheduled - no joke- like 20 posts. ALL GONE. All of them are gone. I also was revamping the look of the blog that day and that TOO was gone. Oh my gosh what a waste!! That explains why I pay to use Typepad for my biz blog! Worth it.

    This weekend I'll be second shooting my first wedding! Wish me luck! Bright and early tomorrow at 7am!
    I will also be getting ready for my GOOD CHEER DEALS :)

    xoxxoxoxo meg

  8. Thanks Danni for making my day a little better with your beautiful blog posts! I am excited you will be at the Santa Ana patchwork and hope to finally meet you! I am actually leaving out of LAX tomorrow to go to the Caribbean for 10 days so I will be relaxing for you as well! I pray you have a blessed week!

  9. you should go check your post list now... 2 of mine were gone and have not just returned home!!

    love the shoes!!!

  10. definitely was not a fan of blogger being down!
    love those shoes, the color and the pattern.

    this weekend i have the final 3 performances of my play and i'm going to a party!

    have a good one <3

  11. Beautiful post. My best friend is incredibly tanned and suits mustard like amazingly well- very very very jealous!

    And no, I was not a fan of the Blogger mishap x

  12. Your blog is so beautiful. Brimming with inspiration and sweet motives! Love love love best wishes too!

    hope to hear from you*
    love amy ^.^

  13. heheh i LOVE that pic!! i am also a huge fan of mustard and lace and scallops! hope you are doing well at the patchwork!


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