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June 2, 2011

June is officially here! It's always sort of summer weather here in Orange County - but now that June has actually hit, it really feels like summer! :) I am loving this month because we have no craft shows to sell at and we're just celebrating birthdays! I mentioned my birthday is this month and I'll just say I'm not the most excited about turning 26. We are planning a trip to Portland so that will be fun! Anyone from Portland or been to Portland, have any suggestions/recommendations for things to do? edit: particularly any good thrift/antique shopping spots, you know I love thrift! ;)

Hope these photos get you in the summer mood! xo.

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  1. I want summer toooo! Sweden is still so very cold :(

  2. i love the big hammocks and that netted bed! oh season of the year.

    hope you have fun in portland! i've been there a couple times to visit families, but not really familiar with the area still.

  3. Portland, OR? I'm here (and LOVE it)... What time of the year are you planning on visiting? Also, what types of things are you looking to do? (narrow down my list.) ;)

  4. If you love books, Powell's is a must. The Japanese and Chinese gardens are places I want to visit. The zoo is always fun. Have a wonderful trip.

  5. GREAT photos! Mmm they set the mood.. haha

  6. Eat at Papa Hadyn (save room for dessert!)and walk up and down NW 23rd Street for all the shops/restaurants!

  7. Happy early birthday!
    I'm originally from Cali & since moving I think I've become the unofficial tour guide of Portland for all my visiting friends.
    I'll throw out some ideas & if you have question or want more suggestions, let me know!

    Brunch/Snacks - Tasty & Sons (breakfast tapas), Cameo Cafe (this funky grandma-y place w/ some diner food & korean fusion breakfast), Pine State Biscuits (biscuit sandwiches piled on!), Waffle Window (belgian liege waffles w/ all sorts of toppings like panna cotta, bacon brie & basil, etc.), Flavour Spot (waffle "tacos" w/ sausage & maple butter, etc.), VooDoo doughnuts (gotta get the maple bacon bar!)

    Other meals - Pok Pok (real Thai street food), Kenny & Zuke's (NY style deli where they make their own bread, meats, pickles,...), Toro Bravo (Spanish tapas), Gruner (amazing burgers w/ potato puffs & donuts for dessert), Montage (really Portland, waiters yell, communal tables & they wrap your leftovers into foil animals & shapes), lots of food carts too!

    Outdoors/Nature - Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Classical Chinese Garden (most authentic in America; we traded a rose garden in China for a classical garden), Multnomah Falls/Columbia River Gorge (famous Ansel Adams photo of many of the waterfalls, lots of trails), Sauvie Island (depending on the time, lots of pick your own veggies/fruits/flowers)

    Shopping - NW 23rd & 21st street (boutiques), Hawthorne Ave(quirky shops including Lizard Lounge & Vintage Pink), Mississippi (vintage & new shops & lots to eat), Alberta (art galleries & craft shops like collage & bolt), Scrap (donated arts & crafts items for cheap to support kids' art programs), Saturday Market (at waterfront park, biggest outdoor arts/crafts market on both Sat & Sun), Farmer's Market at PSU (huge & even though Cali has great produce, you HAVE to try the giant berries in the NW)

    Activities - My friends & I love going to Wunderland nickel arcade. They have printable coupons on their site for admission & cheap second run movies.
    If you're in the mini golfing mood, there's Glowing Greens which is a kinda funny glow in the dark pirate mini golf place underground in downtown.

    Sorry! That's a ton to soak in, but let me know if you need any help!

  8. love this pics! i want summer in particulary relax and fun witn a fresh drink and a beach!!!
    tahnk you for
    your posts really inspring me

  9. Yay for summer! There is finally summer weather ahead for us Seattleites. =)

    As for Portland?! You will have so much fun there. Here are some places that I went to and loved during my visit there:

    - Mothers (great breakfast/brunch)
    - Cacao (yummy chocolate place)
    - Clyde Commons (great dinner spot, very nice venue, you'll love it)
    - Pearl Bakery (great coffee place, their macarons are AMAZING!)
    Powell's Book Store (pretty much the best bookstore ever)

    And there are a bunch of shops within the city to check out. Everything is walking distance if you are in that central district.

    I also stayed at the Ace Hotel. You'll like that place, too. Have fun!

  10. sounds like this is going to be a FUN month for you!!! :)

  11. Happy Birth-MONTH Danni dearest! <3

  12. Oh goodie! I'm an Oregonian native, and I lived in Portland for a while, so here are three of my favorite places:

    -for dinner: Casa Naranja has hanging, swinging chairs. It's pretty amazing.

    -for dessert: Ruby Jewel. You'll thank me later. You choose your ice cream + cookie and then they build you the most amazing icecream sandwich you will ever have in your entire life. haha Personally, I love the lemon cookie with the honey lavender icecream.

    for kicks: voodoo donuts is a must.

    Have fun!

  13. haha - i only WISH there were ANY real craft shows in my area...or that I was invited to sell at them!!

  14. I went to Portland with my husband last year for part of my honeymoon and we loved it! We spent most of our time wandering around used bookstores and eating!

    Our two favorite places were Pok Pok (mentioned above) for their Khao Soy and The Grilled Cheese Grill for eating in a school bus!

    I hope you have a great time there!

  15. Summer is my least favorite season, but even these photos can't keep me from getting excited for some fun in the sun!

    ~Andrea @

  16. This collection makes me want to go out and lay in my hammock while sipping on a glad of fresh lemonade. Sigh.

    P.S. I'm hosting a great giveaway and I thought you might like it.

  17. Hello.

    I think you have your fill of food recommendations, so I will just add a shopping suggestion. There is an antique/thrift market called Monticello on SE 86th and Stark. It's probably a little far out for a visitor, but I think it is worth it. Also, you will be close to 82nd where a lot of the authentic Asian food resides(mostly Vietnamese and Chinese).

    I hope you enjoy your trip!

  18. These are so perfectly summer!!! Love that first photo especially.

  19. Yay for summer! Loving the photo of the white hammock, summery but shady.

  20. Bring on summer! What beautiful pictures!!!

  21. Portland? How exciting! I haven't been to Portland but take a lot of pictures for us and post them next week!

    I am definitely feeling the giant hammocks. So relaxing :)


  22. Im a June Bug too! June 10th!
    Wait till u turn 46!!!
    I'm also a lifer here in PDX. My hubs & I both r Oregonians. Above '7. CONNIE SAID...' gave u a great run down of hot spots. Voo Doo Donuts off Burnside DwnTwn is closed due to expansion so u need to do the NE side location. If ya want a personal tour guide send me an email. I'm always out & about & willing 2 meet up w/a fellow Blog/Artist/Entrepreneur. It would b fun 2 get a few of us Artsy/Bloggers 2gthr when u come :-) Would b great 2 meetchya!

  23. 26 isn't too bad... Just turned 27 last month, cried a bit but pushing through :)

  24. Nothing like a beach umbrella to bring on thoughts of summer!
    I was amazed by all of the food trucks last time we were in Portland. There was even a food "truck" boat out on the river when we took the boat cruise!
    Enjoy...and enjoy 26!

  25. Great pictures. They make me so nostalgic for summer, as Aus just started winter!

  26. The first picture gives me shivers! What a beautiful collection! :)

  27. I was in Portland for many years and moved back many fond memories. I wish I convince my hubby to move back with me ! so glad to hear Montage is still around..loved it there..I miss those mussel shots. Loved so many restaurants...

    Can any one tell me if my fav-Saucebox is still serving? I went there all the time for the salmon and yummy drinks.


  28. Ohhh I wish it was summer, I need vacations, by the way the pic of the two ice creams is from "the cherry blossom girl" blog

    Here's a link to her website:

  29. i want that hammock SO BAD!

    ~Andrea @

  30. I love the scenery there in your posts. It is a very nice scenery. you must have enjoyed it very much.


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