inspire: lovely.

June 30, 2011

You know, I think inspire: lovely is one of my oldest features at the blog!
My very first one was back in January 2009. Crazy.

I am loving each one of these images today.

via adnila

Image source unknown for the following images,
please comment if you know it & I will update the post!

via amanda mabel (thanks for spotting that Leslie!)

via from me to you. (thanks jenny & heather!)

ps: didn't know these are called "cinemagraphs" and you can search
images in this google image search - awesome tip heather, thank you!

17 hello's:

  1. The moving image of the taxi looks like a Jamie Beck photo.

  2. Oh my goodness, I love these images! I think the Rune Guneriussen might be my favorite, but they are all lovely.

  3. this is the series I look most forward to. You have a great eye and dig out some amazing images. Keep them coming!

  4. How adorable and truly inspirational!

  5. I also love the pic with lamps in the river bed. How magical!

  6. I totally want to know what book that couple is reading. Very romantic!

  7. The second unknown image clearly has a legible watermark saying "Emma Katka Photography".

    Didn't you post something once linking to an article about proper crediting? Surely reading a watermark and doing a quick google search is not too hard?

  8. @Anonymous Wow, good eye - I didn't even see that watermark! Thanks for letting me know.

  9. @jenny, you're totally right! I found the original Tumblr post that features that gif. Her blog is called From Me To You. She has other beautiful "cinemagraphs" there as well.

    Danni - Here's an interesting trick to try out. Google has a special search where you use an image as the search term, and then it finds other sites that use the same image. You might get a lot of results if it's a popular image, but it will narrow it down some. Try it!

  10. The one with the birds in the heart shape says Amanda Mabel just under the birds and she's got a photo stream.

    I love the lamps so much it makes me want to cry!

  11. @Leslie okay, I am officially going to make an eye appointment after this - I didn't see that at all!! Eesh, it's like I spy or something, who can spot the smallest type ever! ;) Thanks so much Leslie!

  12. love this post! beautiful pictures.

    things on my to-do list: blow bubbles this weekend, collect lamps, place said lamps in the woods, find an outlet. love.

  13. such dreamy looking images! love the vintage lamp lined path and "the notebook doodles" image!

  14. Love the bubbles! You may have already viewed this, but it reminds me of this video:

    Bubbles are magical.

    P.S. This is my first comment. I love your blog and stalk it quite often. Best of luck to you and yours!

  15. I love the cinemagraph. Amazing!

  16. p.s. I couldn't see the watermark either!? ;)


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