August 30, 2011


Haven't done a swoon in a while.. so many lovely things out there!
Hope you enjoy today's round up!

Card extras that were included for Dottie Angel's book, via papier valise

This campaign "Snail Mail my email" from Cargo Collective ended just a couple weeks ago but I really love what it was all about. It's inspiring to try to think of outside-of-the-box ideas like this.

Really loving this photo!
(photo source unknown / found via fill your well)

Another inspiring idea: a baguette vending machine! Just love this. image via wanderplex

Button holder diy from Martha Stewart

Cross stitch iPhone case from Connect Design

Love Painted Flatware, from a fabulous fete

Decoupaging with lace diy from Urban Comfort

Swooning over this texture fashion from sidewalk ready

Chic desk accessory photo styling from Anna Lilja

14 hello's:

  1. So much goodness! I am sad the email-> snail mail ended. Such a creative concept. xoxo

  2. Your taste is so distinct and classy. I love these finds your swooning over. And the baguette vending machine is just all kinds of awesome.

  3. Lots of great stuff here. I love the button holder by Martha Stewart. Maybe we can do something like that with our sample fabrics. Thank you for sharing Danni!

  4. A fantastic post, full of random lovliness!x

  5. OMG that first photo is mesmerizing.

    ♥ sécia

  6. Amy - Thank You Cards Shop30 August, 2011 11:38

    so so many great things. that snail mail my email is pretty wonderful :)

  7. I've missed Swoon! This has started to feel less like an inspiration blog and more like a shopping blog, so it's lovely to see another darling collection from you.

    Is that baguette vending machine French? Of course they'd come up with that one ;)

  8. cross stitched i phone cover??! how adorb.

  9. I love these! Beautiful post, as always. I could use a baguette vending machine right about now... Xo, Katie

  10. I am loving this Swoon post!
    Those painted tea spoons are to die for!

    I would also like to pass this award onto you: The Versatile Blogger Award. To find out more about it, please visit http://teacuptortoise.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/as-promised/

  11. I missed Swooning with you! Always a fav. of mine :) Enjoy your week, first day of school is tomorrow ;)

  12. oh that lace DIY is just stunning! :D

  13. That iphone case!!! I need to buy some of those and get stitching some christmas presents like ASAP.


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