September 6, 2011


A round up of things I am loving this week!
What are you currently swooning over?

The most lovely food styling photos ever from What Katie Ate

painted floors via Tell Love and Chocolate

"geninne" manicure from Geninne

DIY rope bracelets from Honestly wtf

Would love to do a fun lakeside picnic or something.
(photo source unknown / found via In honor of design)

Cute silhouette mini journal DIY project via a pair of pears

Such a simply charming and fun idea - send a telegram to a friend! from Telegram Stop

Tea cup lighting from Bespoke Zine

We've done a couple picnic events, but it's fun seeing other photos of picnics too, styling by Hans Blomquist

There are so many things I am loving about this photo. The cute outfit and garland, via lo fidelity love

26 hello's:

  1. what a cute set of photo's... really lovely delicate colours and exquisite style.
    Have you found them from the other blogs you follow?
    I really love those tiny milk bottles in thhat rustic crate, wow!
    thx for sharing for your fave things.
    Jen. x
    and Twitter @SnapHappyJen

  2. I love a lot of those images!! What a fun post. I am visiting from Cakies blog from the snapshots post!
    Crossing my fingers,
    Sarah M

  3. You are just darling!! So glad Ruby sent us over!
    What amazing "swag" boxes! xo

  4. So loving the nail art and those tea cup lights!


  5. i'm here because of ruby and the autumnfavs :D

    here are mine: (so now i wanna add to my list: autumnpicnics :D)

    (A) utumn is great for long walks and discoveries, finding products to do some diy-stuff in the nature.
    (U) nder sheets life is perfect: you are laying there and enjoy the most delicious hot chocolate on earth while watching tv or reading a book: and of course: bad autumnweather outside!
    (T) he fresh air! if you breathe in deeply you can perceive this smell of earth and wet leaves.
    (U) nderwear, tights, scarvs, coats! autumnclothes are perfect for everyone! the colors are great (green, yellow, berry, grey, brown!)
    (M) y favourite thing is anyways: the light! the morning light, when the grass is not that much green like it is in summer, but nevertheless it looks so fresh and full of life with it's shimmer of morning dew. and also the light in the evening! gloomy, orange and soft.
    (N) othing is better than this season!

    oh really, i love it. i adore it. i feel comfortable and alive. i feel like i'm living the time i wanna live the whole year and everything is perfect, because on the one hand there is sunshine and the golden leaves are glooming and the air is fresh. - on the other hand i love to sit in my armchair, reading a good book, drinking hot chocolate and looking out at stormy autumnevenings.

    autumn: i'm ready for you!

  6. Swoon indeed... so many lovelies! I adore the little teacup lights!

    My autumn favorites... autumn itself, this is the season in which I seem to come alive. I also love the cool air, crunchy leaves, and candles at dusk.

  7. Great blog! I linked over from Cakies blog! My daughter I made those rope bracelets super fun!

  8. love every single one of these - esp. the nails, the journal and those teacups!

  9. I love the first two images, a lot. I want to drink solely out of milk bottles now and you've got me excited to think about cleaning and painting my basement. I'm not sure I could ever paint wood floors but I'm gonna paint the crap out of some dinged up cement. :)

  10. I love your blog, and your pinterest:)!!
    I think the lakeside picture is from H&M Home, from their summer collection (picnic blankets etc.), their stuff is awfully cute:)

  11. Stopping by from Cakies--love the painted floors as well, and am looking forward to all apple-themed desserts this fall!

  12. There are days I dream about being a food stylist. I'm certainly meticulous enough for the task, but I would just need to make sure I've eaten before I began working. All that food would be so tempting!

    I'm swooning over your whole blog, Danni. As per usual.

  13. Swoon is right! Wow wow wow! I love everything from the cute milk bottles to the tea cups. So darling!

  14. Ooooh, I especially love the teacup lighting and that lakeside picnic setup. So dreamy... Xo, Katie

  15. That manicure is divine!

  16. So much beauty here! I love the What Katie Ate food shot!

  17. Love your blog!
    Beautiful set of pictures! My favorite ones the cute milk bottles and nail art!

  18. Cute stuff. Just as an fyi, those painted floors are Ashley Ann's of Under the Sycamore. http://ashleyannphotography.com/blog/2011/03/01/my-bedroom/

  19. Hi, Love your blog, follow you on bloglovin. The photo on the lake where you don't have a source - "Would love to do a fun lakeside picnic or something" - is from the H&M 2011 Summer Collection. I installed the google image search app on my computer so I can right click on an image to see where else on the web it's being used, and also so I can use it to see (and control) who uses my images :) It has been invaluable tool for me.

  20. Those nails are amazing.

    ♥ sécia

  21. I love Ashley's painted floors. It was so fun seeing the process while she painted them- and the end product is gorgeous.

  22. I was inspired by this image of these vintage picnic and i did a similar picnic for my husband on our anniversary .By the way , your blog is very inspiring, congratulations
    Jussara Bertolucci

  23. ohhh I love it all! Thanks for the shout out on the painted floors! Loving your blog as always :)

  24. Just taking some time to catch up on your blog...fun surprise to see my bedroom floors featured!

  25. I love the picnic set by the lake!

  26. I re-blogged those beautiful lacy nails in a Pinterest roundup here: http://lettherealworldbegin.blogspot.com/2011/10/pretty-pinterest-nail-art.html


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