12 days of cheer, iMoShop:

December 1, 2011

Voucher Deal: $15 for $30 voucher to use on anything from iMoShop!
Retail Price: $30
Good Cheer Price: $15

(Note: If you are using google reader, button may not appear)

update -- the button was not working earlier but it should be now! Thanks for your patience friends :)

- Number of vouchers available: 50

- To redeem voucher: When you purchase your voucher, you will be emailed a unique code to use directly at the shop's website www.imostrap.com.

- This deal is open to all countries and voucher may be used toward shipping costs

- Voucher is good for 3 months from purchase date

- Please Note: seller is located in Hong Kong so shipping time is
not guaranteed by Christmas.

- To give everyone the opportunity to buy a deal, please only purchase 1 deal per person.

- To purchase this deal, simple click on the 'buy now' button.
Use your paypal account to complete transaction.

- If the 'buy now' button is no longer working, it means the item is sold out.

11 hello's:

  1. hi danni,
    I emailed u as I experienced some problem with the link. :( kindly revert, thanks!

  2. hi danni,
    I emailed u as I experienced some problem with the link :( kindly revert, thanks!

  3. Hi Danni, when I click 'buy now' it's saying it's charging me $15 + $5 for shipping. Is this right?

  4. I'm also curious about the $5 shipping - didn't really make sense.

  5. @Mägi

    Same here. Since I'll be paying the store for shipping why is shipping included here?

  6. @Katriina@Mägi @Lauryn @esther --

    Hi friends, sorry for the trouble - the button did not seem to be working. It is updated and fixed now and you should not be charged the extra $5 for shipping. Thanks for supporting these shops!

  7. Hi, sorry I'm not quite understanding... I purchased the deal and then I added my item to the cart but I don't see an "other" payment option. I only see "Check out with PayPal" - do I still go ahead and checkout with PayPal?

  8. I have the same question as "J" ... I purchased the deal with the PayPal button above, but how do I buy a camera strap without being charged again through PayPal, since the only option is "Check out with PayPal"? There is no "Other" payment option on Etsy.

  9. Yep, there's no "other" option. I think the seller has to enable that as an option.

  10. looks like imo e-mails us a coupon code after we purchase the deal from oh hello friend. have no fear! :)

  11. I bought the deal but was charged the extra $5 and then I don't think I got the voucher ever.... is there a way to fix this?


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