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December 21, 2011

Good morning. Its Brittni from papernstitch, and this week instead of a diy roundup, I have a festive tutorial to get you ready for the holidays. About a year ago, I was asked by Country Living to create a nautical paper weight for one of their issues, and I've been meaning to complete some additional projects using the plaster molds I had lying around from that diy. So I created this vintage-inspired golden anchor ornament to bring you a little holiday cheer. And if you like this tutorial, you might want to check out my free eBook, The Happy Holidays Guide to DIY, with eight easy winter projects for the holidays.
Materials: Flexible silicone mold (I used this anchor mold - lots of different molds to choose from on that site), Pottery Plaster Powder, Water, Gold Paint or Liquid Gold Leaf, Sealant (I like to use Liquitex Matte Medium), Ornament Hook or Thin Wire

Instructions: 1. Following the package instructions (and wearing rubber gloves), mix your pottery plaster powder with cold water. 2. Stir continuously to remove lumps. Stop mixing when the plaster is the consistency of pancake batter.
3. Now you are ready to pour. Very slowly pour the mixture into your anchor mold until it just reaches the top of the mold. 4. Let dry for at least one hour on a flat surface (follow package instructions).
5. Gently remove the hardened plaster from your mold. Be careful here. 6. Let the plaster set for the rest of the day (if you're really anxious to keep going you can probably skip the waiting here, but I like to be on the safe side), then coat the front and back of your unfinished piece with a sealant. This will ensure that the paint, which is step 7, will not soak into the plaster. So you won't have to use as much. Allow an hour or more for drying time.
7. Now its time to paint. Paint your anchor (front and back) with gold liquid leaf or simple gold paint. Let dry for another hour. 8. Coat each piece again with sealant and wait for it dry. *If you want a more antique look, use a clear spray shellac (like Zinsser) and it will begin to "turn" over time. It reacts with liquid gold leaf but it takes quite a while to see the results. 9. Attach your ornament hook or wire and your golden anchor is ready to hang.

Have a wonderful holiday! Happy crafting.

About Brittni: She is the founder of papernstitch (a site dedicated to finding the best in art + handmade), and is also the editor of a handmade + diy blog, by the same name. When not working on papernstitch, she is dreaming up fun little tutorials and crafting projects for her home. If you love DIY as much as Brittni does, download a free copy of the Happy Holidays Guide to DIY eBook, packed with eight step by step tutorials for the season.

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