Happy Friday / Macarons:

March 2, 2012

I found these images in my archive and just had to post them! They're pretty old. Jessica will probably laugh at how long ago this was. But anyway. I headed down to San Diego to bake with my dear friend. We decided to go for it and make Macarons! (not to be confused with macaroons) Here's how it turned out :)

Mixed up all the ingredients. She has a really pretty kitchenaid mixer. I need one.
But I wouldn't even know what to do with it ;) I need to take a cooking class.

We didn't have the proper bag so we used a ziplock and cut the tip.

It ended up making a little tip at the top of the cookies but oh well!

They ended up looking more like meringues!

I had heard and read stories about how making macarons is really hard, etc. But I think ours turned out well. Even though they don't look picture perfect like normal macarons, I really like how they turned out. and they were quite delicious too! I give all the credit to Jess, she's a great baker ;)

We had some fun and made a jumbo macaron :)

I wish I had the recipe to share with you, but it was so long ago I forgot! The middle was chocolate-ganache and that's all I remember ;)

All in all, even though they don't look like these, I almost like that ours weren't perfect, sort of like an anti-macaron or something ;) They were mis-shaped and not very smooth at the top, but unique and yummy and had the texture of a store bought macaron. Gosh, I am craving macaron's now!

Anyway! What are your weekend plans? This weekend we are headed to a couples retreat through Biola that some friends invited us to. It's just down in Costa Mesa, I am definitely looking forward to it! On Sunday we're going to try to fit in a date day and then a meeting with this lady to have a final wedding meeting to discuss the schedule and delegate jobs and everything - it's going to be great to get everything finalized. Excited to see Ruby & Linda too! Hope you have fun, lovely, wonderful, awesome weekends friends! Thanks for reading this week. xo.

11 hello's:

  1. wow! looks nice <3 Can I have some? ;)

  2. what a great recipe, I will be trying these!

  3. Jeni's Ice Cream makes macaron ice cream sandwiches that are to-die-for. Yummmy....
    Love the pics. Ready to go make my own now!!

    And by the way, I have a few inspirational quotes up today from the amazing Jon Acuff. They seemed up your alley.

    Hugs from Lexington~

  4. Mmm...those are making me hungry! I am too scared to make macarons myself (too many steps!), so I will live vicariously through you! :)

  5. Ahhh these look so yummy!
    xo Heather

  6. Wow that is an accomplishment. I hear these things are tough and time consuming to make. They look amazing!

    - Sarah

  7. those macarons looks AMAZING. hope you get a lovely date in with nick. see you soon, dear friend!!! <3

  8. yum!! i love macarons! i just had some the other day~!! (i bought them!)

  9. this is awesome. i was just thinking about mark and i trying to make some too! <3

  10. Look so easy to make!! Yummy yummy!!!Maybe it can also use the other tastes!!So great!!


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