March Coupon Guide:

March 1, 2012

Lots of lovely shops offering a coupon this month!
Simply enter coupon code in at check out to receive discount.

15% off at 22 Bay Road - Code: HELLOFRIEND
15% off at Perfect Wear - Code: ohhellofriend
30% off at Petite Paperie - Code: ohhellofriend

20% off at Retro Modern Art - Code: ohhellofriend
15% off at SabaHnur - Code: hello
15% off at laboiteabijoux - Code: ohhello15

10% off at Bark Decor - Code: ohhey
20% off at Poppies for Grace - Code: withjoy
20% off at Renae West - Code: ohhellofriend

15% off at OliveManna - Code: ohhello
15% off at Market 203 - Code: ohhellofriend
15% off at The Wanderlust - Code: reader

ps: if you'd like to participate in offering a discount to your shop for next month, email me for details!

2 hello's:

  1. Yay coupons! If there's a coupon, I'm 20 times more likely to buy things... Even though I know I don't need them :) haha
    xo Heather

  2. I just placed an order with Olive Manna. Can't wait for my order to arrive! I'm getting mini spools of twine (2 sets of 6 spools each). Thanks for advertising their site and offering the discount!


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