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April 8, 2012

Happy Easter Friends! Today, I hope you know that you are loved... more than you can possibly know, imagine, or comprehend. I will leave you with a quote from A.W. Tozer that I actually blogged last year, for any new readers around here or in case you missed it. It's just so good it's gotta be posted again ;) Have a blessed day.

I do not mind telling you that within me I find the Easter message and the reality of the Resurrection more beautiful and glorious than the Christmas scene. Christmas tells us that Jesus was born; that He was born for the humiliation of suffering and death and atonement. But Easter is the radiant and glory-filled celebration of Christ's mighty triumph over the grave and death and hell! When Easter comes, our voices are raised in the triumphant chorus: The three sad days had quickly sped; He rises glorious from the dead! There is the real beauty! This is more than the beauty of color; more than the beauty of outline or form; more than the beauty of physical proportion. In the living Christ is the perfection of all beauty; and because He lives, we too shall live in the presence of His beauty and the beauties of heaven, forever! - A.W. Tozer

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  1. I love that quote--so perfect. Happy Easter!

  2. What a beautiful quote! Thank you for sharing, and Happy Easter to you, too! :)

  3. Definitely one of my favorite quotes! I hope you have an absolutely wonderful Easter!!

  4. I was cool with you posting some of your personal beliefs when you were speaking of your friend, or occasionally about your life-happenings, but you run a design blog. I assume, by the way you post, that this is your job. If I was to show up at work and start shoving my beliefs at other people like this I'd be fired immediately.

    If you wanted to run a Christian blog, you should have done that instead. I'm sure I'm not the only person from another faith that you've alienated in the past few weeks.

    I say this not to be hateful, but only to say that this has made feel like, as a person, you wouldn't value or support me at all. And I'm no longer interested in supporting someone like that.

    I know that I will be flamed for posting this, but remember, just like you have the right to disagree with me, I have the right to disagree with you.

  5. What a wonderful quote. Thanks for sharing it (again)! I'm a new reader and just came across your blog. (I love it when I find good Christian blogs out there!)

    Happy Easter!
    xo maryrachel

  6. Amen! Thanks for the great reminder of today's significance, Danni. He is risen indeed!

  7. Danni - I'm so glad you don't separate your personal life and work life - holistic, authenticity :) Amen, dear sister.

  8. I agree with you, Danni! I was just telling some friends that the Easter season holds so much more emotion and meaning to me for the same reasons you mentioned.

  9. awesome. You're like the Tim Tebow for blogging. =P Love it!

  10. AMEN.

    The pastor of my church shared that quote as well.

  11. He is risen indded :) Great quote. I totally cried at church yesterday which I never do at Christmas time, a testament to the power of emotion I think.

  12. Beautifully stated. Thank you for sharing this :)

  13. Dani,
    thank you for sharing your beliefs and not being afraid. Too many people live their entire lives being afraid of what people think. Don't live that way.
    Being Authentic in every aspect of your life makes you a woman of integrity. In a world where it is becoming increasingly harder to find such women of substance, your blog is a breath of fresh air.
    Breathe Deeply.
    paula c

  14. @Anna above: I agree. I followed for the design posts; I'm leaving because of the religious posts. I don't follow religious blogs because I am not religious, and I feel uncomfortable and out of place when I read posts like this.

    I understand that your religion is a part of you, and that this sort of post is keeping integrity with your self and your personal life. I understand that you want to share your joy with others. I myself have my own personal beliefs that I think are right for my life.

    However, after several overtly religious posts, I am also choosing not to follow this blog anymore. I feel a little misled; this is a design blog; I now know to go elsewhere for such content.

  15. @the two Annas above (really, two Annas? What a coincidence!)

    I'm going to be the person to anonymously flame you.

    I don't know Danni, in fact, I never saw her blog until I was directed here from another site after her recent posts about her friend Ramon. It's those posts and posts like this that made me a recent follower of her blog. This, coming from a person who did not go to church growing up and doesn't go to one now as an adult.

    Before following any blog, I be sure to read the "about" section of its author. It's pretty obvious from Danni's that she's religious, and she clearly states that she'll post about her beliefs. You, Anna(s), label this blog as a "design blog," yet I don't see any proclamation that that's the case. Sure, she posts about design regularly, but there's no heading, that I can see, that labels this specifically as "a design blog."

    As I mentioned above, I don't go to church. But I do believe in God. You're right in that people can believe/unbelieve in whatever ways they want; but when you vehemently rail against complete strangers who owe you nothing for posting what they want on their own blog, you are being as hateful and judgmental as you proclaim not to be in your reason for unsubscribing. As for your second post, Anna(s), that reading religious content makes you uncomfortable, it's people like you--who so easily dismiss, judge and project your own feelings on others, while trying to cut down or be dismissive of their beliefs--that make people like me, the non-obvious believer, afraid to speak up about my beliefs. Just as others sharing their religious beliefs make you uncomfortable, your own judgment and condemnation makes those who believe just as uncomfortable.

    If we're going to tell other people how to behave and how to share their feelings, their thoughts and their beliefs, then I'm going to ask you, Anna(s), to keep your future unsubscriptions to yourselves; do it silently and move on, don't tear into a person for posting freely available content, on their own site, just because you disagree with it.

  16. Anna above said this: "I say this not to be hateful, but only to say that this has made feel like, as a person, you wouldn't value or support me at all. And I'm no longer interested in supporting someone like that."

    I just wanted to encourage you that she's actually reminding you you're LOVED by the one who created you. If you choose to read other blogs you're absolutely entitled to that. Just wanted to point out that I don't think Danni's intent was to alienate - rather to share the love God has for His creation, which includes you. Don't feel as though you're someone who would not be valued or supported - that's not the case at all. Quite the opposite. :)


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