Reader Appreciation Deal #4:

May 3, 2012

For today's deal, we have another favorite's pack from oh, hello friend & the wanderlust. This pack is filled with some of our most popular items, as well as some of my own favorite items ;) Here's a list of what you'll receive in this favorite's #2 pack:
- 1 Camera Stamp
- 1 Spool of Twine
- 1 "you are beautiful" pencil
- 1 airmail envelope pack (package contains 10 envelopes)
- 1 wood magnet
- 1 floral hair pin
- 1 roll of washi tape
- 1 vinyl decal
- 1 "my to-do list" notepad

Retail: $46
RAW Price: $25 w/free shipping!
Extra Info: Deal will remain open until Friday, May 4th. Offer is open to International residents but please note there is a small additional fee for shipping! Limit 2 packs per person. Orders will ship next Monday, May 7th. Any other questions, feel free to email me!

Simply click the "buy now" button below to purchase!

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6 hello's:

  1. Can't get the link to work:(

  2. i love how you show appreciation to your readers. your deals and giveaways are pretty huge! instax camera?! what?! i've always wanted one! if i could afford it, i'd buy everything in your wanderlust shop. that's why i appreciate these deals you so generously offer (quite often i might add) and have jumped on them a couple times already. thanks!

  3. A raw deal, indeed! Purchasing now.

  4. I can't get the link to work either! :-( Can you re-post the PayPal link somehow?

  5. Just purchased and worked great. I shared with my FB friends too.

  6. What a fantastic packet of LOVELY. Man on man why did I pick this month to go on a no buy binge? I tell ya...



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