May 7, 2012

Hello Monday! The weather is getting warmer here and summer days are quickly approaching. We have lots of fun plans for the months ahead - what have you been up to these days? Are you excited for the summer? Here are some snapshots of life recently. 

new products for the shop.

love string lights.

These little cakies are too cute for words!

Breakfast with my husband is always a nice way to start the day.

packaging stuff up.


glitter from a project.

Nick shaved & left a mustache for a couple days.
& has some bedhead going on ;)

Tempura & sweet potato fries - love!

Flower market in LA.

Had a photo shoot of our place.

desk area after a craft project.

18 hello's:

  1. Your blog is so beautiful!!!
    I' ve read it since a long time!
    You are very craetiv person!
    And you make so creative things, photos too.
    I love flowers from this post! :))
    Hugs!!! :)

  2. That breakfast is fit for a magazine. It looks so welcoming!

    - Sarah

  3. awh i like this post! supe cute photos and i have a thing for string lights so that picture is my favorite :)

  4. Love your photos! You have such a way of photographing everyday stuff and make it look glamorous!

  5. Those flowers are so gorgeous! And I love that chevron pouch.

  6. I love these posts :) And your kitchen in so beautiful!

  7. Lovely snap shots and love your craft stuff ;)

  8. Love the shot of the lights! So beautiful.

  9. Is that light shot from Far Bar? I went there recently for the first time and loved the lights! I have almost the exact same photo. :)

  10. is that an elephant paper clip? and those sweet potato fries look amaaaazing!

  11. i love these snapshots.

    can you tell me where i can get pencils like that for myself to give out ?

    thanking you in advance !!

  12. Hi! I love those little pencils that say You Are Loved. I couldn't find them in your store. Do you sell them?

  13. I always enjoy looking at your photos... would you please share a photo of your workspace? I'm always curious how it looked like. I love vintage things and since you're selling vintage things, your space is very very pretty...

  14. oOoo! are those string lights at far bar in little tokyo?!

  15. Darling photos! Thanks for sharing. :)

    The Thrifty Life for Me

  16. A lovely snapshot of your life!

  17. These pictures are awesome - also, I agree - string lights are amazing.


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