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June 27, 2012

Owning a house is crazy! We are looking at things I never even gave a thought about before: like lawn mowers and faucets/fixtures. Who knew there could be so many choices for all these things!

We've had our house for about a month now. Time flies. We haven't moved in yet because we want to do some work on the house first. Like re-do the kitchen & bathrooms. We have been trying to get going on it but we're so busy, it's hard to find time. But we've been looking at tons of photos and trying to find we like. To go along with the fact that I'm in Indianapolis today to attend the Delta Faucet blogger event, here are some images of lovely faucets and kitchen/bathroom inspiration:

I kind of really love both these big white "farmhouse" sinks. Haven't seen the copper one before but I kind of love it too. What do you think? both images via southern living

Super cute mint bathroom w/bowl sink? Love. via msn living

Not sure about granite countertops. What other options are there out there? We looked at quartz, which we liked. via

both images via better homes and gardens here & here

via Jennifer Rizzo

okay. I really love the white cabinet look. My friend said white is old + out but all my<br>favorites have been white kitchens. What do you think about white cabinets?
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  1. They are all stunning!!! I can't wait to build a house one day.

  2. My husband and I just recently bought a house. We redid the kitchen and most of it is white. I couldn't be more pleased with our decision and HIGHLY recommend it! Plus you can spice it up with your dishes and other decor!

  3. In our apartment we have a set in sink with butcher block countertops and veggie spray faucet. A lucky find for small town apartments and I LOVE IT. Its my favorite feature. I dont ever want to go back! Sigh...someday we shall have a house of our own.

  4. I have to admit, I never noticed faucets until we redid our bathrooms & kitchen. I adore our new faucets! They make such a difference :-)

  5. I love white cabinets. It just looks so crisp and clean. My mom has a copper sink in a bathroom and I don't really like it. It can turn green if you don't clean it properly.

  6. I'm currently up to my elbows in a complete home renovation, so I'm familiar with all this. White cabinets are great! So light and bright. That's what we're having made to go with our black granite tops. The cabinet maker actually said that people with money are the type who like white over wood. Very funny bc I definitely don't fall into that category!
    A stainless steel sink will give better wear, as it will resist scratching and stains better than porcelain or copper.

    One huge thing my contractor pointed out is that a lot of stuff looks great in magazines, but is not practical in real life. Wood floors in the kitchen? Only if you don't plan to cook in there, yet you see it in design mags all the time!

    Take your time, do your research, and listen to the pro's! You'll be fine :)

  7. Most important is to do what you love, because you will love being in the kitchen if it makes you happy. I'm convinced white cabinets don't ever really go out of style. Run with it ;~)

  8. If you love white cabinets (or anything else for that matter), then it's never old + out. My friends just replaced their coffee colored cabinets for white ones and it looks stunning.

    The farmhouse sink with the apron front would look really nice with the traditional faucets you've posted.

    In terms of countertops, we redid our kitchen with quartz (Caesarstone) and we love it - easy to clean, super hard surface, no sealing necessary, and comes in about every color imaginable. There's also concrete, soapstone, marble, and cool-looking-not-from-the-eighties-anymore laminate.

  9. You'll LOVE a farmhouse sink. I prefer the double sink, as opposed to the one big sink. I like putting rinsed off dishes in one side, ready for the dishwasher, or put the dirty dishes in one side that you need to wash by hand.
    When we did our renovation in our 1890's farmhouse, we chose solid-surface for the countertops. They're practically indestructible. Have fun picking out all your house stuff!!


  10. Thanks for the great ideas, I love the mint green bathroom with the bowel sink!

  11. I LOVE white cabinets + color on the walls or spots of color throughout the kitchen! Have you looked at concrete counter tops??? My husband and I are completely intrigued with them and hope to do ours soon :)

    Search for them on Pinterest - they have some pretty cool looking ones ;)

  12. Beautiful inspiration. We just redid our kitchen and have a farmhouse sink. It's so wonderful, I love it! Plenty of room to wash veggies or rinse dishes. And I just love the look of it. Have fun decorating and remodeling. :)

  13. I think white cabinets are classic. I would love a kitchen with white cabinets, white tile and a white farmhouse sink and then add my own pops of color. Good luck making your decisions.. I would have a really hard time with that.

  14. What fun!! I love your sink options, I feel in love with the front apron style years ago and dream of having one of my own some day. If you need any website recommendations let me know, I used to design homes for a living in L.A!
    And for countertop options check out Ceasar stone, marble, granite and cement, my personal fav!

  15. I'm not sure I've ever commented, but I have read your blog for a long while now :)

    Instead of granite look into concrete countertops. Soooo great.

    And I LOVE a big basin farm sink. A friend of mine has a hammered copper one that is amazing. Though I'm partial to the classic white ones.

    happy house renovating!

  16. I love the white cabinets because then all the fun colors dishes, food, towels, etc. POP! So fun!!!

  17. From a practical side, white is SO much better! I cleaned houses for a time, and the dark cabinets were the worst to clean. You could wipe it, and then a second later there would be specks on dust on it again. White hides it so much better.
    Additionally, white is so classic and fresh looking!

  18. i love white cabinets too! i am going on 10 years in my rented town home (beautiful gardens, lovely neighbors and 1930's charm has kept me put). but in my future dream home i always envision white cabinets in my modern-farm kitchen. i like a mix of the old and the new and i think the white cabinets give you that "old" feeling which you can pair with all sorts of newness for the best of both worlds. i am on your team!


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