June 21, 2012

A round up of things I'm swooning over of late :)

easy binder clip organization via country home

beautiful ruche & found vintage rentals props!

hehe. apartment therapy

pretty bottles via dsbrennan

hand carved stamps via MemiTheRainbow

diy goal tracker via Cornerflower Blue Studio

via mike mcquade

color via fast co design

a simple wrapped package via Country Living

beautiful dresses via f56.net

botanical drawings via Double--M

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

gorgeous sunset shot via Allison Imagining

pretty teacups via ruffled

envelopes via Caleb Everitt

27 hello's:

  1. I'm swooning too! So many lovely things!

  2. those envelopes are so dreamy. what i would do to receive snail mail that way!


  3. love the shopruche picture! i want it all haha!

  4. Wow, how inspiring is this post! I just feel to make some organisation ideas in my office! Thanks, and lets say that shot of a sunset is beautiful!

  5. SO many pretty things. I laughed out loud at "trees on paper". But I think my favorites are the "steal like an artist" list and the sunset picture. It's always so hard to make it look dreamy and right!

  6. wow lovely things I specially like the beautiful dresses and the blog to do list :) Great post :)

  7. These are all amazing! I love them and I'm now thinking of pinning them one by one LOL

    I'm having a $50 Shabby Apple Gift Card Giveaway on my blog!

  8. I love the binder clip organization system and the homemade goal calendar! So cute!

  9. very decent, seen a few before but i don't tire

  10. Awesome collection! I love that handmade goals chart... might have to try making my own!

  11. I love the goal list - it's so cute and such a great idea. I am thinking about doing a similar project for my workstation to remind me of my career goals!


  12. Wow, great things to swoon over!

  13. I have that book, STEAL LIKE AN ARTIST, and I just love it.... truth in those pages. truth. xo

  14. Dani, I was at a local creative fest a couple of weekend's ago and was able to listen to Austin Kleon's talk about being a better writer. Of course, he probably used a lot of stuff from his book, Steal Like an Artist, and so now I want to read his book. A lot of what he had to say really mega applies to our work as bloggers, and his talk was the only one during which I was furiously scribbling notes! I think I'm going to read his book.

  15. Great finds!!! I love the Goal List, and the binder clip organization the very MOST :) Thanks for sharing!!! Also, that book by Austin Kleon is truly amazing - I love it and refer to it all the time :)

  16. Love all of these, especially the goal list.

    I just stumbled across your blog and I love it. I love days like these.

  17. you are always soooooooooooooo inspiring.

    thanks for beauty,

    Love from Spain!

  18. What an awesome post! Very inspiring. Thank you!

  19. Very inspiring post !
    I love the DIY goal list and the Steal like an artist...

  20. I am well and truly swooning now.
    I am inspired for the weekend.
    Big love,

  21. Everything is so gorgeous and creative!

  22. SO swoonworthy!

    Especially loving the Cornflower Blue goal organizer (I've been meaning to make my own since I saw their post - have you made your own yet?) and the rack of shimmery perfect dresses.

    Thanks so much for sharing these!


  23. Hello! I was looking to see if anyone was interested in doing a lovely package exchange with me. I am a big fan of the exchanges Danni holds, yet I missed signing up for the upcoming one. Maybe you did too? We would go by Danni's guidelines and deadlines but just organize it ourselves. If you are interested email me at amanda0424@optonline.net and we can exchange information.

  24. What a cute little teacup and lovely nic-nac's.
    You've certainly found some wonderful things.


  25. Love the binder clips, what a great way to organize piles of ideas and have easy access to them too!


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