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July 5, 2012

There is so much cool stuff to be found at craft shows. We recently attended Renegade Austin & State of Unique - both amazing shows! Here are some of the lovely items I came across and had to share with you. By the way, the EVENTS page has been updated so head over to check out all the shows that oh, hello friend will be at in the coming months! I also updated the coupons for use online or at any craft show so like us on facebook to receive the special fan discounts - there are some good ones! ;)

ps: the package partners will be emailed this afternoon - so sorry for the delay! 

fun seeing friends son of a sailor & all their lovely things again.

Beautiful bags by xo BRUNO. Pillows from nell and mary.

cute prints by ello lovely and cute laser cut out mustaches from makeatx

loveee these rings from seaworthy

Always the best things from voz! - Jackie was actually my booth neighbor at my first craft show ever, pretty cool ;)

cute display & lovely bags from vaalbara designs

Embroidered necklaces by poppy and fern

wood ties! from wood thumb + cute hand drawn leather journals from pie in the sky.

cool handmade wooden vases from BDJ craftworks + lovely lace necklaces from the mossy fox.

You really have to see HOMAKO's stuff in person - it is gorgeous. 

Loved EVERYTHING satchel and sage - their first show & their display was beautiful!

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  1. So sad I missed renegade Austin! Hope you make it back to Texas soon! I'll be keeping posted for the next one! Good luck in your next shows!!

  2. hey danni!

    just wanted to let you know i replied to your email a few weeks ago about the giveaway i won and never heard back from you. i also emailed you from a law firm address in case the other one was going to spam.

    thanks! excited to get my shoes :)

  3. these items are seriously unreal. i am about to go on an online shopping spree, i think. thanks for taking us along! love.

  4. it was so great to see you! will you be at renegade SF? both billy and i will be there, so hopefully i'll have a chance to walk around a bit and say hi to folks!

    hope you're both well! thanks so much for the shout out!


  5. Wow! All of these items are exquisite! Thanks for sharing the photos and links to the shops with us, I'm excited to check them out!

  6. Gee, looks like a place I could empty my wallet... :p

  7. All so lovely--I found myself clicking on the links to all of them! x

  8. such beautiful things! i love son of a sailor and homako! gotta check out the rest!

  9. Oh wow wow WOW I am so inspired, and want to own ALL of these things! I love the navajo style prints and patterns you were drawn too - I am a big fan. I particularly love the stuff by Voz Clothing and Vaalbara Designs, and the rings by Seaworthy are delicious! Thanks for sharing. My brain is buzzing! :) xxx

  10. Thanks for sharing these links, (actually maybe I should take the thanks back, lol: I just bought one of Son of Sailors necklaces on etsy because it was too awesome - and I never shop on a spur like that).

    But Austin seems amazing, and it's on my immediate travel list, lots of talent. :)

  11. Dear Dani,

    Please reply to my emails regarding order #527718 from reverie market ASAP.


    Martha G

  12. It's all so pretty! I couldn't possibly decide if I ever went there.

  13. Thanks for sharing pics of our booth!


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