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October 19, 2012

Well, our house is hopefully close to being done and I don't think I've ever been so anxious for anything in my life! Well, I guess when we got married - that was intense. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the fun elements we have planned for our home. Would love to hear your thoughts about it!

So the first thing we are doing is concrete floors in the kitchen & bathrooms. There was some gross tile and laminate in the kitchen & bathrooms so it was an easy choice to tear it out. Tile is so hard for me to choose - I'm not very good at envisioning what something will look like based on a little 4x4 swatch or something. Is anyone else like this? I'm definitely a visual person - I need to see it installed or in a picture. 
The master had a claw-foot tub which was pretty cool. We decided to keep it and just move it downstairs to one of the bathrooms. Really excited about these built-in shelves that are going in the master bedroom! 
We're putting in a brick wall & barn door in the master bedroom. When we told our contractor, his response seemed like it was a little far out. But I think once it's done, it's going to be really cool and complete the vision and look we are going for.
Question: For the bathroom - do you think we should go with wood wainscoting or tile on the walls?  This is for the bathroom with the claw-foot rub. Putting tile on the wall seemed weird to me, I guess I've just never noticed it before. But thank goodness for pinterest, I was able to find some images of nice looking tile on the walls. Seriously, I think pinterest has been my #1 source for figuring out the home design. We went to Home Depot to pick out some tile and about 15 minutes in, Nick goes, "let's just go home and look at Pinterest" lol. :)
Which light do you like better? This is going in our kitchen. I think one is definitely more industrial and the other is kind of farm house.. If you have a different suggestion, feel free to leave a link in the comments!

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  1. thanks for sharing your choices so far... isn't it a fun process? LOVE the industrial light! i'd go for wood in the bathroom, i'm a huge fan of wainscotting and it would look so nice with the clawfoot tub. keep us updated!

  2. I agree, wood in the bathroom. Yet I am a mountain girl and I am loving the rustic feel of that farmhouse light :) Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. It's so fun to set up a new space...and sometimes overwhelming, lol. I like the ideas you've got going and hope to see more about how your home progresses!

    One thing w/the tub/tile Q: I think it really depends on how the tub will be used. Frequency, showers or baths, etc. I used to house-sit for people w/a tub like this and showering in it was a total pain b/c the shower curtain was always billowing about & sticking to my legs. Shaving was a pain. Maybe your old tub isn't as narrow as their old tub, but it's just a thought.

    I stayed at a place once w/a tub like this as a shower, but w/tile walls, drain on the floor, and a shower curtain hung almost like a room divider to keep the spray at bay. It was a little weird looking, but I remember thinking at least the shower curtain wasn't hanging in the tub, lol.

    I think concrete floors would be really cool and practical. The only Q there is if your foundation can support all the extra weight. But since you're already doing a brick wall in your MBdrm I'm guessing your contractor's on it. So nice to have a professional take of some stuff so you don't have DIY everything! =)

  4. House making is so much fun! I like your choices so far and am getting a bit of a modern farmhouse feel to it. Of the two lights, I'd go with the farmhouse lighting in the kitchen because the wood wiill warm up the concrete floors - however I think the beam may make things look a bit "heavy". You could try a pair of pendants instead. Barn House Electric has some fabulous ones.

    For the bathroom, have you considered planking? I'd install it horizontally. It's a bit traditional like wainscotting but new and modern too. I have tons of images on my The CountryHome board on Pinterest that might provide some inspiration: www.pinterest.com/ramblingreno

    Have fun decorating!

  5. wow, i love all of these ideas, especially the barn door! i think i would go with wainscotting for the bathroom.. it's such a classic look and looks great with claw foots (awesome that the house came with one)! i'm pretty sure your house is going to become my dream house.

  6. Here are my thoughts ~ love the concrete floors. The only drawback is that they don't "give" so you might keep that in mind. However, if your feet don't bother you, go for it. I have seem some gorgeous polished concrete floors. I love the brick wall and the barn door. My husband is a contractor and I am an interior designer. He is often concerned about my far out ideas, but in the end he is almost always pleased. Contractors do not necessarily have "vision". Go with your instincts because I think they are right on. I would choose bead board and wood for the bathroom. However, if you want tile I would use subway tile. Keeping bathrooms classic is always a great way to go. The style is always right and remodeling bathrooms is pricey. Finally, I prefer the farmhouse fixture on the right. In fact, I like it so much I may look for one just like it because I am currently tweaking my kitchen. Have fun!!

    Hugs from Idaho,
    Susan and Bentley

  7. Your ideas sound fantastic-can't wait to see the results! Enjoy your new home!

  8. I was going to say the same thing as AshTreeCottage about the bathroom--love the idea of wood paneling but if you do go with tile, white subway tile is so clean and classic.

    I would make sure the contractor--or whoever paints the paneling (if you use that)--uses a semi-gloss paint on the finish (and sands where needed). That makes it easy to wipe down. I have been in bathrooms that had beadboard/paneling/etc. but it was finished in a flatter paint and it seemed to attract dust and lint from any cleaning item that it was wiped with. :( Just my two cents on that!

    LOVE all the other ideas! I really like the look of concrete floors--start looking for pretty and cushy rugs to go in the kitchen area to make it easier on your feet. :)

    And I would do the farmhouse light!

    This is really fun--can't wait to enjoy the remodeling process vicariously through you!

  9. I 'm so jealous of you! I cannot wait for the day I can do this! I am in love with the built in shelves in the bathroom. I really like the tile wall, but wouldn't it be really hard to clean (not that it would get very dirty)? I like both the dining room lights, but it depends on the rest of your decor.

  10. So neat! I love all the details here. I love the idea of a barn door. Such gorgeous choices.

  11. I love the farmhouse lighting! It has such a rustic feeling to it! Also, definitely thing the wood wainscoting would go best with the rest of your choices. A brick wall in the bedroom??? Yes, please! Can't wait to see!!

  12. Tiles for bathroom, it's more practical and easier to clean.

  13. I agree with amber. Definitely go semi- or high-gloss for the finish on the wood in the bathroom. Ours is satin and is really hard to keep dust and lint free.

    Also, farmhouse light!

    Have fun! All your ideas look so great!

  14. God, your house is going to look amazing.
    I always think tile is the best choice for the bathroom, because of the humidity, and it's easier to clean.
    And those farmhouse lights are gorgeous!
    But that's just my opinion, I'm pretty sure whatever you pick is going to be awesome.

  15. Tile the bathroom! We have a claw foot tub with wood on the walls and it's such a pain to clean. We also have to be conscious of not slopping water around because you can't clean it up as easily as you can from tiles.
    When we renovate we will be ripping out the wood an replacing with tiles!

    Love your ideas, they all look fab!
    Lou x

  16. We have polished/acid stained concrete floors in our house and have lived here almost 12 years. In general, I LOVE them. A few things to be aware of, though, is they can be quite slippery when wet (so I use a steam mop that dries quickly rather than having standing water puddled on the floor for what feels like forever drying), and makes for quite the scare when little ones take a tumble on the hard floor. Otherwise, they're so easy to care for, clean, and keep looking great.

    LOVE all your other ideas. I actually like both light fixtures, and think with the other elements of your house either would fit. So whichever you prefer?

  17. Thank you for sharing and asking for opinions! I would go with tiles for the bathroom, I think you could even build some very personal design with them and have fun with the color...

    I love barn doors because they're not only practical but also beautifully decorative, although it would be hard for me to not be playing with it all the time.

    About the dining room lights, I think the industrial one would give a more eclectic style to your home...

    Anyway, everything you do is so cute that your home will be no exception for sure!

  18. THIS IS SO EXCITING! Can't wait to see your home featured in Anthology and likely so many other awesome publications. More important, I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT IN PERSON. This means, yes, I'm inviting myself over. I will come with a house warming gift, a huge smile and a load of encouragement and likely dancing because I will loooooove your house! Okay, I live in Dallas so I should really calm down but I'll make it happen somehow! My vote is tile wall and industrial light, but honestly every choice is amazing. You're amazing Danni! Can't wait to hear/see more!

  19. Your house is going to be amazing Danni!! I vote for the wood walls in the bathroom and the industrial light in the kitchen!

  20. Looks amazing! I think the farmhouse light for the kitchen matches the rest of the decor throughout, and although the tile is appealing... i think it might be a bit cold. i think wood. you can always change your mind and re-decorate by adding a different color of paint... tile is pretty permanent... but if you fall in love with one, then go for it!

  21. I have no opinion whatsoever cuz I suck a picking out decor. BUT, let me just say that I am totally excited to see your house!!!!! SO EXCITED.

  22. These choices are beautiful, a claw foot bath has been on my bathroom wishlist for a long time!

    In terms of lighting for the dining room I would go for industrial with a chunky rustic wooden dining table.

    And for the bathroom . . . that's a tough one, I love both the wood paneling and the tiles. Tiles create more of a modern look whilst wood is more country cottage charm.

    Looking forward to seeing the final outcome, I'm sure it will all look beautiful!

  23. Thanks for sharing the process! Love your ideas. I'd choose wainscotting for the bath and the barnyard lighting fixture, though it feels like either would work. Blessings for your home.

  24. Wood for the bathroom walls & farmhouse lights for the dining room!

  25. So fun that you are are to put work into your new home so soon! I like the wainscoting in the bathroom, and due to some of your other choices I think the farmhouse light fixture would complement the space nicely. I love your choices so far!

  26. I love all your ideas! We moved in a fixer upper two years ago and are still not done. My husband is a contractor so we are doing everything by ourselves.

    I think the wood bathroom and farmhouse lamp would fit best to your other ideas.

    Have so much fun!

  27. Love all of your ideas so far. If I were you, I would opt for the wood on the bathroom walls. With tile, you not only need to factor in the additional material cost but the labor. So the wood is much more economical, and, in this case, it really fits with the rest of your look.

  28. Wood for bathroom walls and Farmhouse lights for kitchen!

    Just the first thoughts in my head :P

    Lots of love from Malaysia,
    Z :D

  29. Hands down love the concrete floor and barn door for the master! LOVE! I would go wood in the bathroom verses tile since you already have a lot going on with the tub...and the more industrial light {on the left} just looks a little more youthful. Just my two cents! Can't wait to see what you guys have done with the place. We have just started looking at houses and boy is it stressfull!

  30. I think the bathroom walls really depend on the flooring that you have. If you have concrete, I think the walls would look better with tile.... but if you ever decide you want to paint in the future, you can't really paint over tile, but you could paint over walls. I still vote on the tile, but changing colors in the future is something to think about.
    Lighting in the dining room..... I think if you are going to have a brick wall and/or wood floors in the dining room, then you should go with the farmhouse. If you are going to have concrete floors in the dining room, the Industrial light would look better.
    I'm excited to hear what you pick. Let us know! :)

  31. The choices for the house plan is so modern. Love the look of it, industrial lights on the left looks great. The built in shelves in the bathroom is so smart! Looking forward to see more!

  32. I love the industrial lights - how great would that be with the concrete floor??

  33. #1- Ah- the barn door idea, clawfoot tub, and the concrete floors? Dreamy.
    #2- Farmhouse light fixture, and wood in the bathroom!

    LOVE your blog!!

    Chelsie @ Wakey Wakey Sunshine


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