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February 13, 2013

fabulous: love the young house love light collaboration from shades of light, $69
font: frosted from, $24.95
free: raindrops print from blogmilk
fun: love you nightlight from owly shadow puppets

13 hello's:

  1. Love this post!


  2. aw love these!!! this is may favourite series of posts of yours I think.:) xo

  3. I like the image of the rain in the top right.

  4. <3 I also adore the raindrops & the light!

  5. i really love this raindrops!

    and your blog!
    is it ok when i put you on my favorite blogs list here: ??

    kisses from germany,

  6. Oh hello nightlight. I just hopped on over there and scooped one up. Can't wait to put it in my daughter's room!

  7. It was really nice meeting you the other day! :)

  8. Thanks for introducing this font! Considering purchasing now! :)

  9. Yes, I think I've lost all interest in season 4. I was so, so very sad about Matthew and Cybil's 'exit'. And, I agree, surely he could have stuck it out a couple more years?


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