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March 11, 2013

Over the holidays, someone approached me to do a series of little gifts for her girlfriend, who reads the blog. I thought it was so thoughtful and fun so I gathered some oh, hello friend best sellers and wrapped them up into 12 gifts. I love wrapping so why turn down an opportunity to wrap up gifts and spread some cheer? :)

Here are all the gifts that were included.

All wrapped up!

I've never had a request like this before, it was really fun. She just gave me a budget and I just stayed within that! Thanks Helen & Laura!

Anyway, I love gifts! giving and receiving ;) I especially like wrapping up gifts! My mom is a big gift giver, it's definitely one of her love languages. What about you? I am sure if you read this blog you most likely share in my love of gifts and/or packaging... :) 

20 hello's:

  1. Love, love, love this! Red and white is my favourite! :)

  2. LOVE your packing. I've been wanting to get a few of your stamps to use on my shop packing. You make everything look so great! I love the simplicity.

  3. your packaging is alwasy so inspiring! I always come to your blog whenever I am wrapping gifts for fun ideas and new ways to use doilies! ;)

    xx Ashleigh

  4. I LOVE giving. My favorite thing is to wrap up gifts and give them to people. Thats one of the reasons why CHRISTmas is awesome....


  5. I love your gift wrapping ideas! Your gift wrap workshop inspired me to have one at my church last September. :-)

    I also helped with a creative gift wrapping series where I shopped the Dollar Tree for unique gift wrap ideas.

    I wish you lived in Portland so we could collaborate on projects! Love your work!

  6. Love the photos of the amazing qwrapping - keep up the inspiration

  7. Gift giving is a passion of mine. Especially when those gifts are wrapped just as pretty. Thanks for this post. Cheers! McKenna Lou
    p.s. I am so excited that I stumbled upon your blog. I will definitely be following you on bloglovin and GFC!

  8. Oh my gosh this is so beautiful! I love gift giving and pride myself on being a great one. Packaging makes it that much better.
    Almost Endearing

  9. Lovelovelove! I really have nothing more to add. :)

    xx Kaisa

  10. What a sweet idea for her to approach you with, and such beautiful wrapping on your part. I love the ones with the butterfly and gold leaf. For some reason the tinier the package, the more exciting it is. You never know what can be inside. I bet these were a joy to unwrap.

  11. This is such a fun and whimsical idea! : )

  12. How fun is that! I'm sure her friend LOVED everything you sent :) I just gave one of my friends a birthday gift. I wrapped with kraft tissue paper and washi tape and added a felt flower. Here's a pic:


  13. Oh my goodness these are adorable...always love seeing your gift wrapping! :)

  14. Those gifts are so cute, the wrapping alone makes it the perfect gift (I wouldn't want to open them!)

  15. I love that you mentioned that because gift giving is ABSOLUTELY my love-language. When my husband and I took a class on that book before we got married, and they listed that one as a language I was like "Oh that's SO ME." So I adore your packing posts! xo

  16. What a great idea! And your wrapping was so cute and original.

  17. This is really touching. It has revealed to me 12 treasures of Gods kingdom. gifts

  18. What a sweet idea! What a wonderful friend to think of a surprise like that! Patsy from

  19. What a sweet gift for her friend and a fun project for you! Something I would definitely love and cherish myself!!


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