March 26, 2013

Today we're headed to Toronto for One of a Kind show going from Wednesday 3/27 to Sunday 3/31! We're staying a couple extra days afterward to explore so just wondering if you have any recommendations for places to eat/see :) I've been to Canada long ago when I visited some of my old roommates from when I went to school here.  It was really lovely, I'm excited to go back. If you live in the area, hope you can make it to the show!

PS: I have 8 free passes if anyone in Toronto wants a pass to the show and wants to come to the show. Just leave your email address in the comments and I'll email you!
PSS: Our shop in Downtown Fullerton will still be open so stop by anytime :) Our hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11:00-6:00. We'll be closed this Sunday for Easter!

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  1.'re here! I'd love to pass by the show and visit your booth!!!

  2. WOW...i would love to go to Canada!


  3. Represent! I grew up in Toronto (but now live in Vancouver BC... another must visit if you haven't already)!

    Things to check out in TO:
    Grand Electric - Taco dinner
    Terroni - For Pizza (and tiramisu)
    Mercatto - Pasta
    The Drake Hotel - drinks
    Dark horse - Coffee
    AGO - Art Gallery of Ontario (and the funky building beside it - my old school - The Ontario College of Art and Design)
    Hanks Cafe - double chocolate cookie
    St. Lawrence Market - get a pemeal bacon sandwhich!

    That should keep you plenty busy :)

  4. Would love to visit you! Didn't know you'd be in Toronto!

  5. Very jealous. I love Toronto.

  6. Yay! I would love to go to the show ;)
    my email is :

    if the weather is nice - it's great to visit Centre Island on a ferry ride and have a picnic on the beach side + great views from the island of downtown. (the two cityscape pics you have up there are taken from the island.

    great shopping on Queen Street West + Roncesvalles Village + Bloor St West

    if you're feeling very adventurous - you can now walk around the top of the CN Tower - yes, Outside! ;)

    Best beer is a local microbrewery called Steam Whistle ;)

    For food, there is too much to list...

    xo Hope to see you at the show! ;) xo Ella

  7. The hubby and I are headed there in August. Can't wait to see what people recommend! Have fun!

  8. Woo! I have tickets so I will be coming! I'm just not sure what day, haha. (Thursday, maybe?)

    Check out Kensington Market if you get a chance. Really cool place, good shopping, good food! Queen Street West is also a good place for shopping. You'd probably love the store The Paper Place! & right across the road is a delicious patisserie called Nadege -

    Toronto Island is really awesome. The farm/petting zoo is my favourite place... I LOVE the sheep there! And check out St. Lawrence Market!

  9. How exciting!! Have fun in Toronto!! I haven't been in years so I do not have any good recommendations since its been a while. I hope you share pics of your trip :-)

    Jane B.

  10. I would love one if you have any left!
    Have fun in Toronto :)

    ps. thanks for featuring my bokeh photo :)

  11. visit china town if you can!

  12. Have so much fun! My friend was just there and she loved it so much. Go get em!

  13. I would agree with everyone's recommendations (especially Queen West, Kensington, and The Paper Place!), I would add the Distillery District if the weather is nice. It's a historic area with art galleries, artist studio/shops with handmade items, good restaurants, and must-have hot chocolate at Soma.
    I would love one ticket if you have any left -
    Enjoy Toronto!

  14. I love all of these inspirational prints! xx. McKenna Lou
    p.s. Be sure to enter our $50 Lisa Leonard gift card giveaway:

  15. Fun! I really wish I wasn't leaving for the weekend. I love the One-of-a-kind Show!

    I would recommend a stroll through Trinity Bellwoods park down to Nadege for macarons on Queen West and then up Ossington for vintage shopping and pho at Rua Vang (The Golden Turtle).

  16. Thank you so much for writing about Toronto! If you happen to need a tour guide, just let me know! I'd be happy to introduce you to some lovely places to shop, sip tea and nibble at! Hope to meet you at the OOAK Show! (^_^)

    1. Oops! Forgot to add my email address (just in case there are still tickets left...)

  17. If you have any passes left, I would love to stop by the show and come visit your booth!

  18. Please oh please pass a pass along to me ;)

    I'm going with my girlfriend who just recently got engaged and she wants some one of a kind items featured in her wedding! I hope to see your booth at one of a kind! YAY.. are you there every day?


  19. Enjoy your time in Toronto! It's expected to be a fantastic week-end weather wise. Kensington Market is always a fun spot to visit.

  20. Have fun! And take lots of pictures! :)

  21. P.S. Here are some of my favorite places to go:

    - Woodlot Restaurant & Bakery (amazing food & cocktails!)
    - Guu Izakaya, Bathurst & Bloor (I love it all - the food, Ramune & dessert!)
    - Magic Pony, Queen Street (fun gifts and an art gallery in the back!)
    - Drake General Store (I love this place! So many treasures to be had!)
    - antique fair at St. Lawrence Market (starts at 5am on Sundays!)
    - Rawlicious (they have the most delicious "taco" salad & smoothies)
    - Smoke's Poutinerie (the pulled pork poutine is sinful & they usually have stickers by the cash register!)
    - Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park (What's more fun that jumping on a trampoline?! Heh heh.)

    Enjoy! (^_^)

  22. I agree with all of the above recommendations and want to say that the St lawrence market is awesome, as is Kensington market (really good for vintage clothing!). if your looking for a good place for lunch Utopia on College st has THE BEST food and a really good atmosphere. (and is walking distance from Kensington Market) They get pretty busy at dinner though. if your looking for a late night spot for some food Sneaky Dees nachos are pretty fabulous and you could feed a small army with the Kings Crown (cheap too!) ..enjoy! can't wait to see your pictures :)

  23. If you're in Toronto you 100% have to go to Grand Electric. It's the best food you'll ever have and absolutely worth the wait.

  24. Would love to win tickets to the One of a Kind.

    The Distillery District is a perfect place to visit downtown
    It has designer boutiques, unique cafes, artisan shops, performance venues and award-winning restaurants. It is a pedestrian-only village with restored Victorian-era buildings ... take your camera!

    Have a great time in Toronto.

  25. Hi Dani!
    So exciting that you are coming to the!:)
    You need to stop by Queen St. West- it's full of beautiful boutiques and there is a cupcake place that is to die for- D-lish.
    And i would LOVE to win tickets for the show.
    Hope to see you there and that you love this city as much as I do
    Mayoli from MNA designs

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  26. oh and my email address is !!! :)

  27. That's so exciting that you guys are coming here!

    Pizza Libretto - for the best pizza ever
    Porchetta - sandwiches
    Dark Horse - coffee

    email is

    Enjoy your visit here! See you at OOAK

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  29. Welcome to my home! I live right by the show, and was planning on going. if you still have a ticket, please email me hello @ melissacondotta. com

    hmmm.... sooo many things to see/do:
    - BRUNCH is a must- Saving Grace or Lady Marmalade
    - Coriander Girl (best flower shop in town)
    - just wander the West Queen West are from Bathurst on and there are all sorts of indie shops and galleries.. just a few... robber, love of mine, durumi and chocolate shoes, drake general store,69 vintage, the future of frances watson, the paper store, trinity bellwoods park, miracle thieves
    - distillery district (perfect photo op) :)
    - while you're in the ditillery, you MUST visit the st. lawrence market... although it's not open sundays or mondays :( ... BUT the antique fair is open sundays at the market.

    i could go on and on... welcome and have fun! hope to see you at the show :)

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  31. welcome to toronto!!! this blogpost made me so happy!

    here are some places you can go to/eat at:
    - grand electric (tacos)
    - the black hoof (dundas st west)
    - playa cabana cantina (mexican food - so good!) (dundas st west)
    - bar isabella
    - glory hole donuts - SOOOOO GOOD (queen st west)
    - bakerbots bakery (delaware ave, ossington station)
    - sky yard for brunch at the drake hotel (queen st west)
    - khao san road for really yummy, authentic thai food (adelaide)
    - st. lawrence market for yummy food. there's also a little stall there with all these kitchen tools
    - distillery district - check out soma for yummy gelato and chocolates
    - mildred's temple kitchen (hanna ave)
    - grace restaurant (college st. west)

    - mjolk (scandinavian/minimalist) (dundas st west)
    - saving grace (try their eggs affogado if it's on the menu, soooo good!)
    - sweet woodruff is the prettiest flower shot! i bought a cute little succulent with a pretty glass dome to go with it from there
    - THE WORKROOM - OMG! this is a must - amazing fabrics and the girl who owns it (karyn) is awesome. you must visit!

    areas to check out:
    - dundas street west
    - ossington
    - queen street west (past bathurst is really good for fabrics and little boutiques)
    - little italy (college st)
    - koreatown (christie)
    - kensington market

    i'm probably a little too late - but my address is

    enjoy toronto! :)

  32. I hope you're having an awesome time!

  33. Your booth was bumpin' on Thursday! I could barely get a look at anything but what I did see I loved! Wish I'd come back and purchased the three pack of triangle earrings (and I don't even have my ears pierced!)

    Enjoy your time in Toronto! Definitely Grand Electric for tacos, The Mascot (right across the street) for great coffee, art and mags, along with anything else along Queen between Lansdowne and Bathurst!

  34. Your booth was Cray-zay jammed on Friday afternoon (as was the rest of the show ... and it's never that busy, not even at Christmas!) and you were on break! Sorry I missed you!

    Enjoy your stay here. I think pretty much every nook of goodness in the city was mentioned above already. Do check out the ROM even if you are just walking past. The building is one of my favourites and you can see the dinosaur exhibit just by looking up from the street level!

  35. so cool that you get to head to toronto! i love all the asian food there! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  36. Dang, the one time I decide to skip the Spring show.

  37. aw..i miss toronto, so awesome that you get to join the show! i hope you enjoy toronto and the show! looking forward to seeing your photos :)

    love from japan


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