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June 5, 2013

fabulous: shopkeeper scrapbook papers from saturday morning vintage, $12
font: nelma from lost type, free
free: springtime notes from creature comforts
fun: tiny wooden apple sparker from white zine
note: not for sale at the site anymore but can be found at ebay
they also have a cute little dog one too, $48.99!

12 hello's:

  1. OMG, you always find the best stuff! Thanks for sharing as usual. I love the scrapbook papers.

  2. I would love that tiny wooden apple for my office! So precious. xx. McKenna Lou

  3. I love this "four favorites" series, great idea (and execution)

  4. !!!
    i am so happy to have found your blog. you're beautiful! thank you for sharing your creative heart with us.

  5. Cute choices! The guest check is especially nice.

  6. amazing photos :)

    …。…。…。…。…。…。…。 …。…。…。…。…。

    christian | my blog :

    thanks for the hype.

  7. Tres jolie blog
    Nice !!!!!!

  8. ah that apple speaker is so cute!!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  9. Love the speaker. So cute! Thanks for the link for the printables too!

  10. The stuff you have is always so beautiful and interesting. The scrapbook papers are real cool. So is the wooden apple. I would so love to get my hands on one. Reading your blog never fails to brighten up the day for me.


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