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June 28, 2013

Does anyone have an instax camera? Aren't they the best? it's so fun to be able to capture instant memories, I am glad fujifilm is still around and keeping instant film alive! We've been using our instax a lot lately, on our trips and also to document "firsts" at the house. so we have photos from our first piece of furniture we moved in, our first meal cooked in our kitchen, first load of groceries - things like that :)

Well, i'm slowly getting back into blogging around here! What do you guys have planned for your weekend? We are coming home from our trip in Washington and going to get back into the routine of things.. which i'm pretty excited about. June has been crazy! but it's been fun and i'll never forget this month. Enjoy your weekend friends!

ps: in response to Alli's comment below, i have an instax mini 7 but it looks like they have the 8 out now which can be purchased at urban or photo jojo (comes in pastel colors now too!)  they all work great! i buy the film in 10 packs (100 photos) for about $70 at ebay. so that's around 70 cents a photo.. They also have fun photo frames like polka dots you may have seen around, here's a listing for that :) hope that helps!

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  1. hello! Which instax do you have? I've been pondering getting one for a while, but don't know which to get. What do you like/dislike about yours? Thanks for the great posts and congratulations on your new house!

  2. That is adorable you documented your firsts!!! So so so sweet!

    And I just found out you know Susan Yee. You know her and I are besties and have collaborated for years, right? Such a tiny world!

  3. My daughter has been begging me for one. They are really quite delightful!

  4. It's on my amazon wishlist right now! Maybe for my birthday next month!

  5. They are the best at parties!

  6. last week i bought the 50s piano black instax. it's so hard to pace myself! i just want to snapsnap away!

  7. Ah such lovely photos! I'm hoping to getting an instax camera soon!


  8. I just recently bought an Instax Mini 8 and it's so much fun to use! If anyone here is thinking about buying a Mini 8 and would like to see a little review I did on my blog, you are welcome to visit and find it here: http://bit.ly/12qeFC7

    I'm totally loving the Instax more than I expected - so fun! Also a great toy for scrapbookers or those who journal so you can add instant photos to your work.

    Thanks so much for the tip about the film prices on ebay - might have to order from there. :)


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