Happy Friday:

July 26, 2013

Friday is here! Here are some mail-related treasures in my collection.. I really love mail. The parcel post mailing labels are my favorite. and have you guys seen this vintage seed packet postage stamps at the post office? I think it's the most amazing design I've seen! I am sure fellow stationery lovers and writers have stocked up on these beauties ;) I'd buy some ASAP and stock up before the design is gone. I stocked up quite a bit.  

Anyway, this weekend we are in San Francisco for Renegade Craft Fair! This is my favorite show -cool location and amazing sellers. We are so fortunate to be able to keep most of our usual craft shows going thanks to some wonderful employees that watch the shop while we are gone!

Do you have any weekend plans for this last weekend in July? Hope it's nice where you are to be able to go out and enjoy the summer! Thanks for reading this week friends. 

ps: Happy birthday to my Aunt Linda who reads my blog :) Both my aunts read my blog which I think is pretty neat! and it was my Aunt Irene's birthday too so happy birthday AL + AI!

8 hello's:

  1. I just bought those stamps yesterday! I might go back and get more though, because they are so very pretty. Forever stamps for the win. :]


  2. Can I just say that I bet getting mail from you is a DELIGHT? You put so much thought into every single little detail it's so wonderful.

    Have an awesome last weekend in July!

  3. I'm loving the seed packet stamps. I'm also in love with the Bonsai ones quite a bit too.

  4. :) Bought ALL of them from our post office for our wedding invites. Totally agree - best stamps ever. xo

  5. I bought those stamps thinking that I was going to use them...but now I feel like I would rather hoard them haha ;)

  6. HA! I was at the post office and asked for 15 books...oh, the crazy look I got from the lady behind the counter. Priceless. Once again, your taste is perfect! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. I am just TOO excited to see y'all at the Renegade Craft Fair tomorrow! I can't wait to come see your booth in person. & if you want some evidence of my obsession with your message tape, check out my Office Tour (http://www.esmewang.com/office-tour-a-look-inside-my-study/), in which it makes an appearance (with a link to your store, naturally!) in several photographs!


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