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August 23, 2013

Time is crazy. It's passing so quickly, can't believe we've had the shop over half a year now. Can't believe summer is over. Can't believe we bought our house over a year and a half ago! Life right now is just working (a lot) but also trying to find balance and enjoy life, enjoy our house, and work toward new goals. I was looking at our upcoming calendar and we have so much going on so I thought I'd make a list of the things I'm looking forward to :) 

currently looking forward to:

A lovely weekend getaway with some dear friends.
My cousin's wedding in Seattle!
Getting to test drive a Nissan Versa for a week!
Renegade Chicago!
Re:Make conference in San Francisco.
Purging with vintage/garage sales in September & October
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What sort of things are you looking forward to? It's always fun to have things to look forward to, don't you agree? If you don't have anything on your calendar, maybe you can find something to put on there. It doesn't have to be anything grand. Maybe just a simple night of going out to eat your favorite dinner. or try a new restaurant. or go to the park and watch the sunset (or sunrise). or see an improv comedy show. (nick and i haven't done this in a while but it's a lot of fun!)  well, hope you all have a great weekend! :) 

11 hello's:

  1. Sounds like a lot of excitement coming your way! Enjoy renegade, very jealous. It's bank holiday weekend in the UK so I am looking forward to a weekend with my guitar and my sewing machine =)

  2. Oh I see two of my prints up on your wall! So neat! Michael and I just booked our honeymoon to London and Paris - I can't wait!!

  3. HI! I love the triangle wire baskets! Can you please tell us where you got them? :)

  4. I wish you could have a meet-up in Seattle...! It would be so lovely to meet you!

  5. looking forward to apple orchards, cider and doughnuts. then topping it all off with a trip to New Orleans. can't wait.

  6. Each of those scenes is kool!

  7. Will you be at the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago? Would love to meet you!

  8. What a lovely idea to make a list of things you are looking forward to...I think I'll do the same :]
    --Kari Ann

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