Happy Friday:

October 18, 2013

Happy Friday! Wow, this month is flying by. I think it's actually pretty crazy that next month will actually mark a year since we signed our lease for our retail shop! It does not seem like we've had the shop for a year... it seems like a couple months. Time flies! Well, we technically opened in February so I guess it hasn't been a full year. It took us a while to get going from when we signed to actually opening!

Anyway. Speaking of time flying - tonight is our 5th year anniversary party for oh, hello friend! I started OHF 5 years ago and it's been such a fun journey. It has definitely been a labor of love... a ton of hard work. learning a lot of new things. good times and arguments too with Nick. I'm really excited to see where the next 5 years go with oh, hello friend.

Thanks for all your support over the years you guys! I haven't forgotten about our online friends - we'll be having some fun online celebrations to follow. May not be until early next year because the holidays are coming up and those are crazy for us. But we have some plans to celebrate online! Have a great weekend!!


If you are coming to the party tonight, please click below to read all the details!

The party is from 6:00-9:30pm. Please bring your eventbrite ticket and check in at 122 N Harbor Blvd, Suite 110. Fullerton, 92832. Our shop is Suite 103. The party is being held at Suite 110! It is free to attend but we are accepting donations and 100% of proceeds will go to Zoe International

Swag-Bag's for all!
There's been some talk about the swag-bags and people lining up to make sure to get a bag. We want to try to avoid lines so you can all enjoy and we've actually been able to put together about 200 bags! We have just about 200 rsvp's so there should be enough bags for everyone! 

In effort to keep the line down and so everyone can enjoy the festivities, when you check in, you'll receive a swag-bag ticket that will guarantee you a swag-bag so you can hang out at your leisure and not have to worry about the swag-bag madness. Your swag-bag will be safe and sound! The bags will be at the shop so you'll have to head there to claim your bag but be sure to check in first with us at Suite 110 to get your swag-bag ticket!

Come later for some amazing music!
We're also having our amazing friends, Me & Mr Cassidy come and play. But they aren't getting there until around 7:00-7:30 though so you should definitely come around then to hear some amazing live music!
OHF at wholesale prices!
We are having a table set up at the party with OHF items, and we're making our prices down to wholesale! So be sure to take advantage & get your favorite OHF goods!

Free fun!
We have a lot of fun festivities planned: Calligraphy station, where you can get a custom 8x10 print to take home with whatever you want it to say (10 word limit) so think about what you might want to get said! We're having a Cotton Candy stand and a silhouette artist that will cut out your silhouette (like at Disneyland!) Photo booth and tattoo station. All these are free for our attendees, but feel free to consider leaving a tip for all these wonderful vendors that are providing their talents for us! Thanks!

2 hello's:

  1. This is such a lovely blog, I wish I had followed sooner! I've heard about your blog from a friend, and now another friend invited me to your party...so here I am on your blog : ) I'm excited to celebrate with you all and visit your shop! Congrats!!

  2. This seriously sounds so fun! I wish you were here in Sydney! :)
    Ronnie xo


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