new shop:

January 2, 2009

well, i finally opened the new supply shop. it only has about 15 items in it, i realized today that it takes a long time to add items! but you will find fabric, findings, and other lovely things. i hope you will take a look and spread the word! thanks friends. have a lovely weekend.


8 hello's:

  1. love the new shop! i'll definitely stop by to purchase soon! :)

  2. ahh! i can't wait to buy from it!!!

  3. congrats dear! I love the tiny harmonicas...I wish you much success! xo t

  4. Congratulatons!!

    Oh and I LOVE the detail of the birds in the pictures... Truly lovely!

  5. Oh yay! I love the new shop!!! :)

  6. aw - i heart the new shop, girlie!

    i adore the chocolate twine! i might have to grab some of that soon after i run out of the one that i have! and the fabric - will there be more coming?

    do you make these yourself? or are they finds? wasn't sure. regardless, it's lovely! winkwink*


  7. Your new supply shop looks fantastic! Looking forward to seeing it grow!

  8. Congrats on the new shop! Yay! That's so exciting!

    And guess what I just got in the mail yesterday? Your wonderful package! I love how you packaged everything up and I took pictures so I can blog about it tomorrow! Thank you so much!!! I'm such a lucky, lucky girl to have won all those lovely prizes! And thanks for your special note and that cute button! You are the sweetest! Oh, and I'm wearing the little heart earrings from your shop today. LOVE them!


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