50 things:

May 23, 2008

1) I love green used to like green, now love yellow!
2) I love the rain.
3) I love salmon. yum.
4) I'm afraid of heights.
5) I procrastinate. but who doesn't?
6) My dad was one of the kids in the original The King and I with Deborah Kerr.
7) I want 4 kids: 3 boys + 1 girl. 2 boys, 2 girls!
8) I would love to own a letterpress. thank you craigslist! ;)
9) I can be really stubborn at times.
10) I love Jesus.
11) I have 20/20 vision.
12) I love movies-in-the-park (though I have never been to one but i'm sure i'd love it)
13) I don't like to sleep in.
14) I've never seen any Star Wars movies.
15) I haven't had my wisdom teeth out. got them out in 2011.
16) I've never broken a bone.
17) I don't like cheese. Except for cheetos...& goldfish.
18) I have a really bad memory.
19) I've been to 9 countries.
20) I like the number 22.
21) I am chinese, but i am mistaken for filipino all the time.
22) My great uncle is an actor.
23) I'm 4' 10 & 3/4" tall.
24) hot weather + hunger = don't talk to me.
25) I like collecting vintage cameras. anything!
26) I also like shoes and scarves. May have a slight addiction.
27) I will never wear a diamond ring.
28) I am an INFJ (Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging)
29) My birthday is June 23.
30) I really like to wear scarves.
31) I have 2 brothers, one is 38 + one is 25
32) I worked at the apple store for 3 years.
33) I love thrift stores + flea markets.
34) I wear my watch on my left wrist.
35) I drive a prius.
36) I can't speak chinese.
37) I play the guitar.
38) I really love to travel.
39) I can't draw.
40) I went to bible school for 2 months in England.
41) I would loved to have lived during the 40's-50's.
42) I love chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. so just the cookie part. not to be mistaken with a sugar cookie, as some people have said to me ;)
43) I have the worst cuticles!
44) I would love to in Seattle Portland or England.
45) I used to hide my food in the trash can as a small child. But I'd always get caught.
46) Favorite broadway shows are phantom of the opera + wicked.
47) I like pizza, but without the cheese.
48) I like making lists and writing things down so I can cross it off when it's done.
49) I got engaged on November 6, 2009!
50) I got married Wedding is planned for September 25, 2010.

note: list has been updated since it was posted ;)

17 hello's:

  1. Wow, I just found your blog from your etsy shop and had to comment. I think we were separated at birth or something because over half of this list I was like "yup" "uh-huh" "me too". It got really weird when I agreed with #'s 12,28 & 34. Just thought you should know you have a twin out there in the world. ;)

  2. These were really fun random facts! Kudos!

  3. Hi Danni-
    I like to read blogs from the beginning so I know who and what you do....

    People always think I am chinese because of my last name but I am Burmese (Myanmar). Its good to see some asian on blogspot also.

    AW from NJ

  4. What is INFJ? You explained it but did you come to this conclusion from a quiz you took online?

  5. I'm an INFJ, too! 1-3% of the world, baby!! ;) What a coinc-i-dink!!

  6. loving the 50 things list!
    I was a bit confused about #44 though...

    "44) I would love to in Seattle or England."


    also, loving that you included your myers briggs results! xo xo p.s. its a sunny day in seattle today

  7. hi danni! i love your blog.... so inspirational!!!!!! you're totally awesome. i wish i was as talented as you are! i'll get there... one day! (: oh, and your wedding is scheduled on my birthday!

  8. You really look like a Filipina... I thought you were...

  9. I love your list! As I read it I found myself saying, "me too!" quite a lot. The oddest item is that you like the number 22. That's my "lucky" number...has been since a weird (in a good way) week in junior high. Anyway...love the randomness!

    Oh, and Seattle...I lived there for a year. I came home to LA, but miss Seattle dearly.

    I love the feel of your blog! It's both classy and cozy. I'm so glad I found it!


  10. I just found your blog, and I wanted to say that I've never known anyone besides myself that agrees with number 42 on your list!

    I look forward to reading more!

  11. danni,
    this is where worlds collide! i stumbled upon your blog from...not quite sure where...and was so impressed by your design and layout! (and much more.) and then i saw who you were! you may not remember me, but we went to capernwray spring school together in '04! what a small, crazy, blog-filled world! :) your blog is delightful and your esty shop is one of the best i have seen. i am hoping to order something right soon! keep up the awesome work!


  12. Your great uncle is the guy in Big Trouble in Little China?! I love that movie! :)

  13. I love your blog! I have been following it for a awhile and just found this post. It is crazy that you went to a Capernwray. I just finished my time at the one in Germany. It is good to see what others do after Bible School. :)

  14. Loved reading this! I love your blog and have never read this. My husband and I are theatre people so I love that your dad was one of the kids in The King and I-so cool! Also-if you like movies in the park this might make you laugh-http://www.ifc.com/portlandia/videos/portlandia-outdoor-movie. :) Best! Athena

  15. Oh my gosh!!! I am also 4'10 and 3/4"!!!!!!


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