missing the bf:

May 24, 2008

i miss nick like crazy. 

but that does make for one thing - a nice night of candles and movies. i have really become an anti-social person, i think high-school wore me
out. i'd quickly choose staying home to watch a movie than go out in a heartbeat. sometimes i feel like going out with friends. but just sometimes.
i'm waiting for my leftovers from the macaroni grill to cook. i am really bad about leftovers. i never eat them. what is with that. i practically had to force myself tonight and remind myself that it was $16 salmon. was i really going to let $8 worth of salmon go to waste (i only ate about half of it) anyway. enough of that. i've been downloading movies + some tunes for my trip on monday. i totally forgot that i booked my flight at lax. as in, los angeles airport. the busiest, most worst-built airport ever. meh. it's just so far. and so busy.

anyway, i think the food is done. friends + couch, here i come.

2 hello's:

  1. I'm a big fan of nights in sometimes. Hi, I found you on 20SB, you have a great header!

  2. I too found you on 20SB. My significant other is going away for the next week or so, I think I'll be having quite a few nights like that... Going out just isn't what it used to be!


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