July 28, 2008

so lots of pictures to show! this was our 3rd week of class! so fun.

so this is where all the metal letters are, it is intense. drawers and drawers of typefaces of various sizes, spacing, etc. it's pretty legit. there is also a dingbat drawer, which is my personal fav ;) the last picture mo took, gives you a feel for our classroom. (thanks for the picture mo!)

so the first picture is the armory for the arts center, it's located in pasadena if anyone wants to take a class there. the next picture is of monique letterpressing for real with our teacher, denise, who is super cool. there is brenda, being silly and working on her crazy project which required crazy spacing for her letters, but is going to turn out pretty sweet. then the actual letterpress, which is seriously intense cause it's really big and heavy and i guess dangerous if you stick your finger in there or something. then me! finding letters. and now, for the final project:

i used bank script 30 and garamond 24, i think. haha. i liked combining the two fonts but didn't like having to find the spacing for it, it was hard! you have to have it match exactly on each sides and find just the right spacing in between everything. anyway, i am

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  1. great post danni!
    I also felt the same way about taking apart my type! I can't believe this week is our last class already but more fun on the way :)


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