looking ahead:

July 28, 2008

currently looking  forward to:

- july 30: the oc fair, this wednesday! anyone want to come along?
- august 9: mom's birthday, going up to stockton and we'll probably hang out in san francisco! stockton is the 2nd worse city in the country, you know.
- august 16: hang out with my dear africa team. this time last year we were in africa! 
- october 12: the fong family (mom's side) is going to china! i can't wait for good food, good shipping, and apparently we're visiting my grandma's village where she grew up.

1 hello's:

  1. That's seriously cool! It's my Mum's birthday on the 10th August.
    Trying to convert her to Etsy but the whole conversion from usd to gbp kinds puts her off.


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