mr darcy:

July 21, 2008

"i love you, most ardently."
my roommate and i have been on a jane austen kick this past weekend.  first, we decided to watch mansfield park, which was pretty good. then we started  the 5 hour long bbc pride and prejudice. collin firth, though he is old enough to be my dad, is just so dreamy. ha, is that weird? he's just always been so irresistible, in all his movies.  we thought about how cool it was how they talked back then, so proper. and we are going to start using the phrase, "make haste." so great. then last night i stayed up and watched the newest version with keira knightly and matthew macfadyen as mr. darcy.  i mean, seriously who loves pride and prejudice? how can you not. it's so romantic. 

anyway, next weekend hopefully will be a little  more exciting because we're going to be printing our letterpress projects! this last saturday we just set the text, which is seriously a lot of work and took the whole class time, nearly 2.5 hours. i will take pictures to document for next week. my first project is going to be cards that say "hello friend" and i'm not sure what my second project will be. any ideas? 

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  1. i've been on a jane austen kick lately too!
    you have to watch "becoming jane"

    nice to faux-meet you. and i would be happy to add you to the list if/when this comes up again! thanks for stopping by.

    take care.


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