bringing it together:

August 30, 2008

so i've been debating whether or not to just combine my shop blog along with this blog. i am not that great of a blog-poster as it is. what makes a good blogger? meh, anyway. here is a post that would go on my shop blog, so i guess it's decided that i'm combining both.  ;)


i mentioned how i've been super busy with orders, i thought i'd photo some of the orders that have gone out. especially because i'm obsessed with packaging! what do you think? should i step it up? it takes so long to package everything but it's fun and it gets noticed. i think maybe half of the customers appreciate it or make mention of it.

ok, that's it for now. i'll post another picture tomorrow of product packaging. i tell you, i'm obsessed. i wish that could be my job, just packaging things! ha.  i'm going to the melting pot. white chocolate fondue with pound cake and strawberries, yum!

2 hello's:

  1. *poke* *Poke* The Melting Pot? I love that place! Is there more than one? Do you live in/around portland? Cause. if you do. OMG. You are now my new friend! :D Just to let you know. :D

  2. Your packaging is always incredibly beautiful. I'm so impressed! It's obvious how much thought you put into all you do. And I'm sure that 100% of your customers appreciate it; some people just don't think to mention it, which is unfortunate.

    And I've never been to the Melting Pot but sooooo want to go. Sounds amazing!


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