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August 8, 2008

etsy favorite fridayswell, my letterpress class finished last week so in honor of my class, i am posting a bunch of wonderful letterpress cards, prints, notebooks from etsy. (from left to right)

1. birds and stripes box set from orangebeautiful, $18
2. birthday girl holding balloons from sweetbeets, $5.50
3. 6 folded tags from orangebeautiful, $7
4. no. card set from afavorite, $18
5. yellow and blue fans letterpressed notecard set from bowerbox, $15
6. letterpress alphabet poster from sycamorestreetpress, $$30
7. love is an endless mystery from exquisiteletterpress, $27
8. mini green notebook from messengerbirdpress, $11
9. Japanese Trees from satsumalynn, $25
10. Malaga Letterpress Note Cards - Set of 6 from anemoneletterpress, $14.50
folksy bird letterpress coasters, set of 8 from 12fifteen, $12
12. birds of northern california coaster set from honeylux, $8

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  1. Thanks so much for including my letterpress card in your round up of favorites!


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