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September 5, 2008

i hope it starts to rain soon now that we're entering fall!
(did i mention i LOVE the rain?)
these cute rain-related items will have to hold me over in the mean time.

1. Silver Lining Cloud Necklace by alittleluster, $40
2. Silver and Brass Umbrella Necklace by yabettasupadont, $100
3. sewn paper raindrop decorations by kategreiner, $6
4. rainscapes I (limited edition print, No. 5) by mintage, $20
5. Rainy Day Umbrella Charm Necklace by vieuxbijoux, $18
6. Dripping with Jewels Gocco print by ArgyleWhale, $10

1 hello's:

  1. Thanks so much for including my print in this lovely cluster!


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