how magazine design annual:

September 7, 2008

if you get a chance, pick up how magazine's self-promo design annual. i made it in for a merit winner, under student promotions. i know i'm not a student anymore (sad-bear!) but i did design this project while in school. and hey! i am going to go back for some flash classes, and other fun things like printmaking and pottery! here is an image of it in the mag :)

ok ok. (to my friends who have seen this design before) it's been somewhere before as teacher submitted the card design to "the best of business card design 8" as well, but hey! this is the whole campaign design. plus, this might be my only good design i'll ever produce so i'll enjoy it while it lasts!

no but seriously, time for some new designs, i know. oh, here are some pictures i took before i submitted it to how magazine! just so you know i'm legit and i don't just take pictures of people's designs and claim them as mine. ;)

it's nearly monday.
hurray! hurray? no. i am going to finish the rest of my sunday night watching my newly addicted tv show, house, with the bf. he is so sweet.

2 hello's:

  1. congratulations danni!! i still haven't picked up the issue so i need to get on that and see your stuff!

  2. Hi Danni
    I am new to your blog. I loveeeee your ideas of gift wrapping. I am addicted to gift wrapping also. Thanks for your inspiration & keep on blogging.

    I can't wait to see the necklaces I order from your shop. I am very excited.

    AW from NJ


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