101 in 1001:

October 8, 2008

looking for a way to help pass your boring work day?

create a list!
but not just any list. the 101 things in 1001 days list!

This morning, my dear friend wishcake posted her own amazing list of 101 goals and things to do in 1001 days! so, it's decided: I'm going to make my own list! Well, I started mine earlier today. Surprisingly, I already have 65 things down! She got the inspiration from day zero, which seems to encourage and give helpful information on starting a list. I mean, 101 things is no easy task! Then once your list is completed, you can post your list. It's pretty inspirational and motivating. At first when she said she was working on her list, I really wasn't into it. But then I got to thinking, what things can I really accomplish in the next 2 years? Only 35 more items to go. Then I'm going to encourage nicholas to make a mini list. It'd be cool to read his goals for th next 2 years too.

anyway, it's really helped the day go by. 
But I really should get back to work now. :)

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  1. At the beginning of the year I planned out my goals for the next three years--it's amazing how many have been accomplished for 2008. It's such an awesome exercise!


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