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October 9, 2008

I'm leaving on Saturday!

in the spirit of getting ready to leave for my trip, i decided to look for travel items for this week's lovely etsy. I haven't even packed yet. hahaha. If you have any tips on what to pack, please share! I am really not good at packing, I always forget things or don't pack the things I need ;)

lovely etsy : travel.

01. suede leather wallet by valhallabrooklyn, $40
02. tissue holder by ponyup, $4
03. yellow and gold floral laptop mitt by pattidunndesign, $38
(this is so cute, I think I'll buy a macbook just to be able to use this cute case!)
04. leather money belt by justintime, $50
05. airmail passport folio by miandai, $28
06. blue and yellow boot by bokkie, $35
(hehe, these aren't really for travel but they could be cute travel boots! aren't they cute! and from africa!)
07. red and cream desk sewing kit by DribsNDrabs, $11.50

3 hello's:

  1. i spent about 6 months of the last year touring, which is more grubby than a family vacation, but here are some of my must have comfort items for traveling:

    1. pond's face wipes - amazing thing to have around
    2. burt's bees almond milk hand cream - best moisturizer for hands, the smell is absolutely heavenly
    3. nice socks and totally comfortable underwear:)
    4. Three of your favorite lip balm, because you'll lose one, then you're down to two and you'll be able to find one of those hopefully.

    Have a great time!


  2. Oh my gosh these are great pics! I'm going to buy some of those boots as soon as I get some extra money!

  3. those boots are cute! and my purse is from valhalla, love it. i hope you have a safe trip my dear!


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