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October 10, 2008

bags are packed!

ok, so my bags aren't really packed yet. this is a picture from another time. i still haven't started packing! haha. but i just found this really neat site through elise's blog, that turns your photos into old weathered. lol. how funny that we would want this effect on our photos.. or maybe you don't. but i think it's pretty great! ok, so go try it yourself at wanokoto!

so i leave tomorrow morning at 6:00 am! i have so much to do today. and don't worry, i'm not going to leave my blog all empty and stuff while i'm gone. i have some stuff saved up so i'll post when i get over there! 

and to all my dear blog friends, if you want a postcard from china, leave a comment and i'll send you one! 

i guess this is farewell for now. have a great weekend friend. 

3 hello's:

  1. postcard, postcard, postcard!!! :)

    I hope you have a super awesome trip, and bring back lots of awesome goodness, and have a lovely time with your family and friends! We'll miss you. :)

    Be safe!

  2. Have an AMAZING time! Take tons of pictures! We will miss you!

    I also got my package from you today. I'm in love! Thank you.

    Send me a postcard?

  3. hi friends - expect a postcard coming your way! i have your addresses, obviously! ;) thanks for commenting!


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