china photos, part two:

November 3, 2008

panoramic shots:
nicholas found this feature on his camera and got quite a few shots, i think they're pretty great ;) 1. the great wall 2. scene from his room in hong kong. 3. a really big lot at the wall. 4. xian and terracota warriors. 5. hong kong street. 6. birds nest, olympic stadium.

nicholas + i:
some of our photos together. i'm so glad he went.

7-11, pizza, police golf cart, china style! some random and fun images of china.

misc dos:
the lady in the 2nd picture on the top, that's my mom. she's cute ;) there are 2 images of ladies making cloisonne vases and plates, it was legit. talk about handmade. these ladies place down every single tiny piece and detail. then paint it. it's amazing. anyway, the rest are just more random photos. some stalactites and stalagmites in a cool cave we went to. a market vendor with a sign, "no money no honey" haha. ronald (mcdonald) i have never been so happy to see those yellow and red colors. after days and days of chinese food, i don't mind downing a few hamburgers and chicken nuggets.

and lastly, the beautiful details and random patterns/textures. i mean, these are just little things. but their carvings and detail of their buildings are so cool. the glass panes are from my grandma's house, i really liked the floral tiling and green and yellow colors (both my favorite colors!) wood cut outs, iron floral ornate patterns. very inspiring.

that's it! i hope you enjoyed my collections of images! thanks for reading!

2 hello's:

  1. Great photos! I'm looking for a new camera myself, which one takes the beautiful panoramic shots? n_n


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