finally, a treasury: (updated!)

November 1, 2008

edit: 11/3!
the treasury made it to the front page tonight, 
i am so glad for everyone that was included! so exciting ;)

it is really a lot of fun to put treasury items together and i can see how this might be quite addicting in the future. after a long wait and several attempted fails of either missing it, forgetting about it last minute (even though I waited for about an hour) or just not being patient enough, i finally snagged one tonight! i hope you will stop by and take a look! haha, sorry about being such a nerd about it (blogging about it at midnight on a saturday) but hey, it's my first time :)

1 hello's:

  1. The colors you chose are absolutely gorgeous! I love it. You have such incredibly good taste, my dear. :)


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