happy black friday:

November 28, 2008

for those of you who aren't crazy enough to go out for the sales:
oh, hello friend is having a huge black friday sale! these will run from today, black friday, through monday, the 30th:

+ free gift :: first 5 buyers will receive $5 gift credit towards a future purchase!

+ free gift :: the next 10 buyers after that will receive a free pair of rose stud earrings!

+ boho :: buy one item, get one 50% off! BLACK FRIDAY ONLY!
(does not apply to promotion / sale items. half off item must be of equal or less value)

+ free shipping :: offered on any orders over $60.

+ $5 necklaces! selected necklaces, rings, & earrings :: on sale for only five bucks.
click here to see all the $5 specials.

+ 2 for $6 on selected stud earrings.

+ free bookplate sticker with every purchase!

hope all your thanksgivings were wonderful.
i'm actually off to work at the apple store, meh. it's so early. and i know it's going to be packed!

3 hello's:

  1. Thanks for the kind regards. Love the site.

  2. Hello! I'm glad I was able to reconnect with you too. You shop is so sweet and I'm glad I was able to buy some items.
    Hehe, thanks ok...maybe one time we can do another swap or something.
    Your blog is awesome =)

  3. Hey!

    I saw your comment on my blog - I actually read it while at the show on my cell phone, and it made me smile!

    First things first, that's so funny that you and me and our boyfriends have the same tendencies! Man, I would be so down for sushi right NOW! :)

    Second of all, the Silverlake show proved to be a GREAT success today! I almost made $500! I was going crazy with happiness! Everyone did differently though, and I got lucky with a lot of original art sales. BUT, I took a look into your shop and LOVE your stuff! I think you'd do well! And your prices are so affordable! :)

    Last of all, I'm sad I didn't know about your Black Friday sale beforehand. :(

    I love this:

    Sooooo cuteeeeeee! Gah, I'm dying.

    OK! Hope to hear from you soon <3



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