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November 13, 2008

ok, so those of you who know me, probably know that I love the rain for I mention it far too much.

When I tell people how I absolutely positively love the rain and want to move to Seattle (or Oregon) for the weather, the usual reply to this is "Seattle!? But it's so depressing there. It rains all the time! You'd get so depressed!!" in which I reply, the usual same thing every time, "how could I be depressed when I like the rain?" I love the rain. I wonder what part about me loving the rain they didn't understand? anyways. ;)

this collection of rain images (via flickr) make me all warm and cozy inside, just thinking about rain and the one day house i'll have in seattle with bay windows and i'll do nothing but sit all day long at my bay window and read a book or probably blog about how i'm sitting watching the rain, or something.

i heart .. the rain.

so here's to moving away from yucky sunny bright california, one day. hopefully. nothing against you california. you just never get any rain! (the southern part at least) who knows, maybe i'll move to seattle and end up depressed and hating it. i'm gonna say..probably not though.

2 hello's:

  1. I love the rain too, ever so much. And you're right, CA doesn't get nearly enough of it!! Especially Bakersfield...

  2. when it rained last week i was in heaven......but, now i gotta go weed the yard.


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