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December 17, 2008

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♥ help tom give 30,000 pairs of shoes, tom's shoes.
i received my first pair of toms from my friend christienoh. they were so cool. and apparently for every pair you buy, tom donates a pair to a child in need. i just ordered a pair for my little brother for Christmas. and if you use code "goodmag" you can receive 15% off your order. plus, shoes ship for free for the holidays.

♥ i heart monday giveaway, bliss.
the lovely mrs. french of a very cool blog is having her first i heart monday giveaway, sponsored by the beautiful jewelry company, Muntedkowhai. simply comment to enter!

♥ christmas giveaway, mer mag.
merrilee of mer mag is giving away one of her talented portrait drawings - of you! she is so talented and her style is so unique. i really want to win this but i love you guys so i will share this on with you. giveaway ends today, so get your butt over and enter!

♥ porcelain cupcakes, julie pettitt.
lovely european designer julie pettitt has come out with a fabulous line of cupcake trinket boxes, good enough to eat and oh so pretty. £16

♥ make your own snowglobes, chica and joe.
this is a really cute idea. you can make your own mini snowglobes out of toy capsules. check it out.

do you have a link you want to share for link love? have certain links you want to see related to design, fashion, funny, crazy, anything! please drop me an email and let me know or submit yours today!

2 hello's:

  1. oooh what great links. thank you! xo

  2. I just stumbled into your blog via simple lovely and that sweet french girl and here you are linking to me...how lovely is that? pretty lovely my dear...love this blog, I am putting you in my blogroll promptly...xo t


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