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December 16, 2008

digital. film. mini. video. polaroid.

i definitely have a thing for novelty cameras, i pretty much want ALL of these. i mean, i'm no photographer by any means, my photos aren't artsy or pretty. maybe i think these can help me achieve the ultimate cool-ness of photos. maybe they have some super secret filter to make my photos turn out cool. anyway, i just think they're neat.

novelty cameras

1. ikimono 110 camera, from fred flare. comes in six colors! on sale for only $10.

2. rolleiflex mini digital camera, from urban. so cool. it's digial + mini! not on sale for $399.

3. fuji instax mini instant camera, from ebay. i posted this on my christmas wish list. $94 gets you the camera and 50 films.

4. holga 110 spy keychain film camera, from ebay. i really love this shade of yellow. only $2.49.

5. lomo diana dreamer camera, from urban. i also love this mint color. only $65.

6. flip ultra in orange, from flip. it's a usb video camera! pretty legit. only $150.

* also, stop by marti's cameras where he has lots of photos of cool novelty vintage cameras, he's gotta be an ultimate camera collector.

8 hello's:

  1. You are too cute! Can you believe Polaroid went out of business? I've been trying to stock up on film every chance I see it because soon, it will be no more. So sad. I hope at least one of your novelty camera wishes comes true. ;)

  2. oh, I love this post!

    I want that little yellow one...

  3. Super cool cameras!

    By the way, you won the bracelets in my blog giveaway! Email me your address and I will send them off to you. Thanks for entering and for visiting my blog :)

  4. Good choices for your Toy Cams.. the best place to get the Ikimono's is, (if you can find a place that does 110 film..) I have some reviews of the cameras here:

  5. My bff Jessica wants that Diana camera. What a fun post! They each have their charm, don't they. ;)

    -Emiko :)

  6. I bought a Holgawood from UO over the weekend and I can't wait to get it.

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