December 16, 2008

so this weekend was fun.. here is a recap:

watched this movie with some friends on friday night, it was heavy. the on saturday, went to the dollar theater and saw not one, but two movies with nicholas. two bad movies. (mm, the dutchess and eagle eye. i know, i know. we should have known! but it was only a dollar fifty!) they were super meh. haha. we went to target + michaels. i think he may have a thing for trying on hats. ;)

on sunday we went to the american apparel factory sale. ok, this thing was intense. there were so many people, like thousands! we waited in line for 2.5 hours to get in and paid $5 bucks for entry to sort through tons of apparel stuffed in cardboard boxes...most of it was damaged. american apparel, you are a rip off. i really went for my little bro cause he likes that brand. nick got some good stuff though. it was good quality time.

anyway, the roommate and i went to get a mini tree, hurray! we found the perfect little one. a little bare on top but it was awesome. luckily nick + adam were there to help us!

getting a Christmas tree!

i also started working on a new layout for the blog! it's really not that much different, heh. i really like the 2 column look but this standard layout by blogger gives me so little space. anyway, here's what it kinda looks like:

new blog layout..

my mom also was in town to visit, so we went to lunch. we were just talking about relationships and things of the sort when she says something to me that i just had to keep for the memory book.

"sweetie, relationships are about sacrifice. i'm reading that book by dr. laura schlessinger.. what's it called? how to feed your husbands or something.."

um, mom, it's called the proper care and feeding of husbands. hahaha. if any of you are familiar with dr. laura, maybe you've heard of her book. my mother. she
is so silly sometimes. but i love her. anyway, then we went to world market and tried on hats! and nicholas wasn't even with us.

i saw this ad and thought it was pretty clever, go mcdonalds ;)

4 hello's:

  1. oh my gosh youre mom is too cute, haha.

    sounds like you had a decent weekend! poo on american apperal though :(

  2. That sounds like a fabulous weekend.

    And even though the American Apparel sale was a bust, it made for a good story, right?

    You are utterly adorable.

  3. Hahaha! How to feed your husbands! Too cute. I read that book, and totally adored it. Many people are all anti-Dr. Laura, but I think she's a peach, most of the time. But perhaps that's what I get for being so conservative.


    Thanks for sharing these stories about your weekend! I love the tree photos. Adorable!

    Also, I am planning on re-doing my blog for the new year. Did you take classes on web design, or is it something you've just picked up? I've learned alot through the joy of google, but there is alot more I want to do. Ah, well.

  4. I love the proper care and feeding of husbands, the one on marriage is good too. It's so true, but if you're a "feminist", you might hate it;) Love the blog!!!!!


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