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December 12, 2008

so i was thinking about it and i really don't need anything this year for Christmas. which  i guess can be looked at as a very good thing. i have been super blessed and really have all i need. so then comes things i want, and wanting is always fun. here's what's on my list. what's on yours?


1. a trip, anywhere! jet blue is nice. i'd love to spend some time in seattle or portland. can you guess why? (if you can't, it's cause i like the rain!)

2. fuji instax camera! from urban outfitters. i think i have a thing for fun cameras. i mean, this is super expensive and it's $32 for a pack of 20 photos, meh. but it's just so fun!

3. skip slip ons! from groove footwear. i mainly just love this shade of green.

4. garland table lamp! by tord boontje. mm, so pretty. & just $165 for a tord boontje item, not bad.

5. ralph! by ralph lauren. i love this scent. i love it's zesty leaves and orange mandarin and all its charisma and colorfulness and sparkle. (those words are from the description. jeez, fragrance descriptions are intense!)

& of course, can't leave out the etsy goods!


1. a tiny dwelling from petitehouse. jess keeps her shop stocked as often as she can but items sell within seconds. literally! i once had my little house in my cart, ready to go, i went to look if there was another to buy and when i got back to my cart, it was gone! such a sad bear. ok, probably too much detail than you needed to know. but these are hot! anyway, i really love this mustard color roof to add to my collection!

2. mini deer plaque from nice. i really love this. so charming!

3. 3 tier jewelry stand from who made it. i collect pretty plates and this is just fabulous. and pretty.

4. vintage flocked paper from under the red roof. ok, i also love flocked paper too! maybe cause the soft texture of the paper reminds me of those fuzzy stickers i had when i was younger by mr . grossmans or sandylion.. did anyone have those? seriously, they were so soft and fun. 

5. snow white snow cake from fat daddy bake shop. um, white chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting?! this cupcake was made for me. i might just have to get myself a gift. this one is actually available on her website. (sidenote:: she was just featured on kathy lee. crazy!)

ok, that was fun! :) have a lovely weekend friends.

& don't forget to enter the giveaway, it ends next wednesday! please help spread the word & support the talented artists.

4 hello's:

  1. I LOOOVE the tiered stand. So cute, now I have to add it to my wish list!

  2. I can't actually think of a Christmas wish list. I think I've reached that point where I've amassed such a large collection of just stuff that I can't even think of more items that I would need or want. I know I need something. But I can't think of it.

    One thing I will never stop wanting is books. I will never have enough books. I buy too many and never get around to reading them, but it brings me such delight to look at my overflowing bookshelf and know that I have the opportunity to choose between so many wonderful novels.

    And I really just want a moment where I can be completely selfish and do whatever I want without thinking about my future or what's best for me. It's so nice to just let go and I, unfortunately, haven't had the time to do that in far too long.

  3. I just love looking at your blog. So many cute things! {and not enough money to buy them all up!}


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